Losing a Match in a Jiu Jitsu Competition

I’m 0-2 in jiu jitsu competition.

Remember when I said not to get discouraged in jujitsu? I should’ve taken my own advice.

“Our Jiu-jitsu game is so personal to us that we take losing personal. We need to approach it more from a scientific approach. You don’t suck, you just haven’t figured out the answer yet. The failures are going to bring you to enough knowing that you can then formulate the answer.”

Jiu Jitsu journal coaching (username)

I was pretty bummed out after my competition loss a couple weeks ago. Haven’t been to the mats since. But hey as long as I show up this week it’s all good. Another chapter in my jiu jitsu story.

“Don’t get hung up on electrical tape [belt stripes] used for student retention. Be content in the feeling of improvement”

-raging cheddar(username)

I’ve benefited a lot from jiu jitsu since starting it just over a year ago. Some weeks I would train almost everyday. I watch grappling matches online, I will tell people they should go to a free trial class, and I often write about my experiences with bjj on this blog and social media. I guess you could say my identity was wrapped around being a person who does jiu jitsu. I have to remind myself that jiu jitsu is a part of me but doesn’t encompass everything about me. So when I lose in a bjj match that doesn’t mean I’m a bad person or that my current bjj skills cannot improve. Most people who compete in jiu jitsu are supposed to lose, so they can get better.

“First at jits, got my ass kicked – the guys surrounded me after class and said “you coming back right?” I said, “yeah, why wouldn’t I” – they said “most people don’t, they can’t handle getting dominated” – you are the few, just remember that #Respect”

-CRYPTOFIT (username)

Losing in a jiu jitsu match and getting your ass kicked in front of a bunch of strangers sucks. I have to remember that no one cares and to make sure to sign up for another competition. Feeling bummed after you lost another BJJ match is normal. Just make sure you show up to class again and not let that loss define who you are. I’ll be back this week.

photo taken from this rulebook.pdf



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