What Keeps You Showing Up to Jiu Jitsu?

Hello fellow white belts!

I asked the question “What keeps you showing up to jiu jitsu practice?” on Twitter. The responses were great and also helped me ponder why I keep showing up each week to BJJ as well.

Here are the responses I’ve got so far to, “What keeps you showing up to jiu jitsu?”:

“The gift of obsession”

“Consistency and to learn”

“The thrill of the technique clicking is addictive. Whether it’s offensive or defensive, I really love executing something I’ve worked on for a bit.”

“Knowing that if I miss classes, my fellow white belt mates will get better than me lol”

“Love of the sport”

“I deeply enjoy fighting and testing myself against other people, and I like my training buds”

“The puzzle is mental. The Struggle is physical. The potential ROI hidden behind the synthesis of the two is the ultimate dopamine mine.”

“Nothing makes me feel so alive like rolling”

Some great reflection and input!

So, why do I keep showing up to jiu jitsu? I’ve wrote about it before on this blog (Why I Do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) where I had some fun with ideas I read in a book. Basically, I came to the conclusion that I love the mental and physical aspects of BJJ, mixed in with some nostalgia for when I used to wrestle back-in-the-day.

Now that I’m a white belt with three stripes, dedicated over a year of training 2-6 times a week, and got my wife and her brother to join the BJJ academy as well, I’d say it’s safe to assume I’ll be doing this at least another year as long as I’m healthy. There is just too many positive aspects to BJJ to not want to go each week.

Maybe one day I’ll lose the luster of wanting to roll or life gets so busy that I cannot train as much as I want. But until then, I’ll keep going because I want to. Because it’s one of the best activities I’ve picked up in my life and I wish I did it sooner. Oh well, better late then never as they say.



image by Timothy Eberly

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