Struggle, Pain, and Jiu Jitsu OR Why You Might Be Missing Something in Your Life

There’s something fun about fighting everyday. It makes me feel alive. Everyone should learn how to fight. Preferably in a controlled, safe, and friendly environment (although not everyone can). To learn a martial art. If you have a friend who does jiu jitsu, they probably wouldn’t shut up about it when they first started. Telling... Continue Reading →

Arm Bars, Collar Chokes, and Families

Tonight we learned the Duck Under from standing, a Back Take to Cross Collar Choke, Cross Collar Choke to an Arm Bar. My wife is good at cross collar chokes from the back, who knew. A family who pays money to learn how to choke each other, stays together. My wife and her younger brother... Continue Reading →

Your BJJ Journey and Nested Stories

Your jiu jitsu rolling tells the story about your bjj journey so far. What you’ve learned, what you’ve forgotten, what you do instinctively, how you control your mind and body, how you breathe, and how you react under pressure of simulated fighting. Your jiu jitsu journey is a collection of nested stories about what you’ve... Continue Reading →

BJJ, Life, and The Universe

When starting jiu jitsu your body often goes into fight or flight when you spar. Will you give up or rise to the occasion and find out what you’re made of? A beautiful representation of the rich duality of life and death. Humanity at its finest. And you get to wear a cool Gi too.... Continue Reading →

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