85 Random Thoughts on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I’ve been thinking more and more about jiu jitsu lately. It’s probably because I decided to register for a competition at the beginning of May. Did I mention I’ve only been doing BJJ for four months? I’m so new to the sport that my white belt has a white belt. I’m excited and nervous.

Anyways here are 85 more random thoughts on Brazilian jiu jitsu that came to me at different times in the last month or so, enjoy…

1. If there is sparring tonight in jiu jitsu, my goal is to work on my grips. I’ve been flailing around not sure what to grab and why. Also my fingers have never been so sore all the time. What a weird sport.

2. In the last few weeks the jiu jitsu gym I go to has had more dads joining. They enrolled their children and thought why not give it a try. Be more like these dads.

3. My jiu jitsu partner: “I heard a crack was that you?”
Me: “not sure I didn’t feel anything”
I love this sport.

4. For those who do jiu jitsu, are your fingers sore all the time? Gripping is tough on the hands.

5. I talked to the head instructor after the open mat roll at jiu jitsu today. I asked him if they ever take a team to tournaments. Good news, since mandates are lifted they will be going to 3 or 4 tournaments this year. This year is the year of the Competition for me.

6. The CDC now recommends doing jiu jitsu.

7. To combat inflation, learn jiu jitsu.

8. At what belt do I start calling jiu jitsu “jits”?

9. When the pandemic first hit, I was freaked out and I got weird. But as time went on, I kept on living my life. I quit drinking, got engaged, quit pot, started doing jiu jitsu, and I’m getting married soon. With mask mandates being lifted, I can’t wait for an amazing summer ahead.

10. Last night in Jiu Jitsu we learned a Clock choke. A nasty choke you apply to someone when you sprawl on their single leg attempt. Lots of new members so it was crowded. Glad to see more people getting into bjj.

11. I’m a four month jiu jitsu white belt and I roll with higher belts during the open mat classes because why the f**k not.

12. I’m at the stage in jiu jitsu where I tell everyone they should try jiu jitsu. White belt mindset.

13. I can’t wait until I compete in jiu jitsu and have my coach yelling from the corner what moves I should be doing.

14. Today I think I set a record for how many arm bars a person can get put in during an open mat jiu jitsu session.

15. My goal for jiu jitsu open mat class this week is to pull guard more. I haven’t been doing that at all. Just going in other peoples guard and getting smashed. Let’s see how this goes

16. I wonder what we’ll learn in jiu jitsu tonight. A takedown perhaps? A choke maybe? A lock or limb break possibly? Either way it’ll be fun.

17. Preparing to do jiu jitsu competitions means a lot more laundry to do. I’m ready for this challenge.

18. After trying a modified version of the Dolce Diet for a week, I’ve already lost a few pounds. Basically eating better, portion control, and regular jiu jitsu classes (white belt). I’ll definitely make weight for the upcoming comp in about a month. Excited, nervous, and can’t wait to get training.

19. I’m a white belt so I read and chat about jiu jitsu everyday. When does that stop?

20. When I get absolutely smashed by higher belts at the open mat jiu jitsu classes, I say “that was fun” after we roll, with a big dumb smile on my face. As long as I don’t get hurt, that’s a win for me.

21. Watching Youtube videos of jiu jitsu moves won’t make me better. Showing up and getting by butt kicked will. White Belt Mindset.

22. While watching me roll at open mat class the other week, one of my jiu jitsu rolling partners told the head instructor that I have good cardio. It’s true my cardio is improving. The real truth is that getting my ass kicked will make me better. At least that’s what I hope.

23. My Twitter account has turned into a jiu jitsu white belt account. I’m okay with that.

24. I’m lucky I wrestled for six years in my youth. So far it has helped with re-learning takedowns in jiu jitsu now. I hear that many bjj practitioners don’t focus on takedowns and wrestling. If that’s true, that’s good news for me.

25. Just learned there is a belt in jiu jitsu called, The Coral Belt. “A Coral Belt is a 7th degree belt, awarded to Jiu Jitsu masters who have been active black belts for over 30 years.” Pretty neat.

26. Future wife is baking a pie. I’m getting ready for jiu jitsu practice. This is my life now, I’m lucky.

27. Btw that pie was a shrimp pot pie. I mucked it in the car before I went into jiu jitsu. Let’s see if that was a good idea.

28. Update: it was a good idea.

29. Talked to the head instructor at the jiu jitsu gym. Looks like I’ll be joining the GB2 Advanced classes for competition training. Exciting times ahead.

30. Reminder: try Jiu Jitsu

31. I’m a white belt in jiu jitsu so I’m obligated to annoy you by telling you once again to try jiu jitsu.

32. One of the main reasons I’m learning jiu jitsu is to prepare for when the aliens come. You’ll look pretty silly if you don’t know how to pull guard when they start grabbing your gi with their weird tentacle hands. Learn bjj to save humanity.

33. “[..] the language of Jiu Jitsu is spoken by the body” Excerpt From Mentors : How to Help and Be Helped by Russell Brand

34. Today I’m going to my first Advanced jiu jitsu class. I may be the only white belt with no stripes there. But our head instructor said it is the best class for me to learn from and help better prepare for competitions. A bit nervous but also excited. Will let you know how it goes

35. White belts are supposed to tell everyone they know to try jiu jitsu. Reminder: try jiu jitsu

36. Jiu jitsu is violence in a controlled setting. A great way to see how you react under the pressure of potentially going unconscious or having a limb broken. Give it a try

37. Since I started jiu jitsu, I am sore all the time. Not sure if that will ever go away. I’m okay with that.

38. You can watch as many YouTube videos on technique and cool moves as you want. But there is no substitute for showing up, getting your butt kicked, and learning from experience when it comes to jiu jitsu. Probably relates to life in general as well.

40. Can’t wait for more of you guys to try jiu jitsu so we can talk about it all the time.

41. Tonight was my first night at an Advanced jiu jitsu class. That was fun. More time drilling moves, like a flower sweep that was cool and a triangle choke which I sucked at. And a 15min rolling sessions at the end, enough for at least 2 partners. Good competition prep for me

42. Mario Lopez (AC Slater from Saved by the Bell) trains jiu jitsu. Go Mario.

43. Weight loss for jiu jitsu competition update: Lost two pounds, still need to lose six by May. Doable, just have to keep having. my smoothies every morning and a lunch and a dinner, watch my portions and pound water (which s more challenging than I thought). Wish me luck

44. Was chatting with my older brother on the phone today. Catching up about his fam and talking about my jiu jitsu journey so far. He suggested I do the Wim Hof deep breathing exercise during the 30sec breaks in between the 5min rolling and sparring sessions. Great idea love it

45. Just told a couple of my buddies I haven’t seen in awhile that I do jiu jitsu. They were happy that I’m having fun and are excited for me. I’m lucky I have friends like that.

46. Got my butt kicked tonight in jiu jitsu by young and old. White belt and blue belt. But you know what, I’ll show up tomorrow and keep on givin‘er.

47. My fiancée supports my jiu jitsu journey. Find a partner who supports you through your new interests and journey.

48. This week I’m attempting to go to jiu jitsu 5 days. Mon and Wed the advanced class, Tues and Thurs the fundamentals class. And Sat is open mat rolling. I’m half way through and going strong. I’ll try and get strength training in but I needs some rest. Here we go

49. I didn’t feel like a real jiu jitsu practitioner until I started taping my toes.

50. I’m a white belt in jiu jitsu and i’m telling everyone to give it a try. But am I actually just recruiting for a cult? Am I in a cult? Perhaps.

51. If I didn’t have any responsibilities I would train jiu jitsu and wrestling all the time everyday. But alas I need to pay bills and stuff.

52. Unpopular Opinion: no gi jiu jitsu competitions with heel hooks and leg locks are boring.

53. There is more and more people joining the jiujitsu gym I go to. There was around 30 folks at the open mat rolling session today. I was there until the end, drenched in sweat, some of it mine. Good to see people getting healthy and learning a martial art at the same time.

54. The world would be safer if we all learned jiu jitsu.

55. Last week I reached my goal of going to jiu jitsu for five days, a total of six hours. Proud of myself.

56. Only going to the advanced jiujitsu classes this week. Since I slacked on strength training last week, I’ll go to the fitness gym instead of the bjj gym for two days. I’ve been learning a ton about my body lately. Exciting times ahead.

57. I would never be able to last 50mins of jiu jitsu rolling sessions if I still drank booze and smoked pot everyday. Quitting those and starting healthier habits was one of the best decisions for me. Give it a try and see what happens.

58. Have to make sure above all else, I have fun and enjoy myself at the upcoming jiujitsu tournament in May.

59. I’ve been doing jiu jitsu for four months. Lots of fun and learning a ton about a martial art and myself. I’m also sore all the time everyday. Didn’t see that one coming.

60. Jiu jitsu class was fun today. Lots on new faces. More and more people are joining. Think about trying a class and see if you like it.

61. I’m one of the smaller guys in our jiu jitsu gym. Last night I sparred with two dudes who were 40lbs heavier. This will make me better.

62. This week I read about Jiu jitsu, Ancients civilizations, and High Fantasy. My mind is racing with cool ideas.

63. Two weeks left in the college semester. Then I’m done my tutoring gig for the summer. Sent an email to a possible future employer today, setting myself up to be employed this summer. I have to fund my jiu jitsu habit some way.

64. More and more people are trying jiu jitsu. Try out a free class and see what the fuss is all about. You may end up loving it and find yourself a new fun and healthy hobby.

65. Trying not to snack because of the weight loss for the jiu jitsu competition. But man plantain chips are so good.

66. My fiancée wants to do a three day fast with me to help me lose weight for the Jiu Jitsu tournament. i’m a bit nervous because I’ve never done something like that, but I’m also willing to give it a try and see how it goes.

67. I’m not better than anyone else just because I do jiu jitsu. However I am a better version of myself because I do jiu jitsu.

68. Most of the people I’ve spoken to about competing in jujitsu are surprised when they hear that me, a four month white belt, is competing soon. It’s occurred to me that most people in jiu jitsu probably don’t compete. But hey everyone has different goals when it comes to bjj.

69. I learned something at jiu jitsu class tonight, I dislike pulling guard. Especially when sparring with big dudes. I think because of my wrestling background I prefer to try takedowns and try to pass someone’s guard. Also new rule: no pulling guard on dudes twice my size ouch

70. Bought tickets to a hockey game tonight because my fiancée has never been to one. Sure I may be missing an advanced bjj class, but sometimes other aspects of life are more important than rolling. Gotta have fun outside of jiu jitsu.

71. I spar with immunologists, electricians, and even students. You never know who does Jiu Jitsu.

72. I gotta stop mucking dinner right before jiu jitsu practice oof

73. Recently I’ve received 20+ new follows on Twitter, all jiu jitsu related. Welcome. I hope one day we get to try and choke each other and break each other’s limbs.

74. I don’t mind when people take my back in jiu jitsu sparring. I’m surprisingly calm. Wasn’t like that at first. But I’ve had enough higher belts tell me my defence is good that it gives me hope for the competition in three weeks.

75. I’ve only been doing jiu jitsu for four months. Decided to register for a completion in may. I figured why not. At this point in my martial art journey, I don’t need to be perfect, I just have to show up and give it my best.

76. As a new white belt in jiu jitsu, I put people that are higher belts on a pedestal because they’re better than me at jiu jitsu. I have to remember that these people are human just like me and just because they’re better at bjj than me doesn’t make them a better person than me.

77. When I first started jiu jitsu my wrestling skills hindered me. I was too explosive and burned out fast. Now I’m honing them back in and using the wrestling skills that transfer well to bjj. Like balance and body position awareness. I’m lucky I have those to use in my arsenal.

78. “sometimes [in jiu jitsu] it’s not about escaping but about finding whatever comfort you can in hell.” Excerpt From Breathe by Rickson Gracie

79. Being in a relationship with someone who supports you in your jiu jitsu journey is a wonderful thing to have.

80. Regardless of what belts I get along the way in jiu jitsu, I hope I keep my white belt mindset the whole time. Always learning never finishing

81. I have jiu jitsu feet. IYKYK

82 So apparently the black belt class is also the competition class. They have been training for the upcoming tournament for three weeks now (six weeks out from the tourney). I did not know that heh. Looks like I found myself another class to attend.

83. I just remembered, I was watching folks in that black belt class after the class I was in. When I go tomorrow, it looks as though I may be the lowest belt rank that goes to the competition class. This could be interesting

84. I’ll be honest, I focused so much on jiu jitsu and losing weight that I’ve been slacking on my strength training and haven’t been to the gym since the end of March. Real talk.

85. I’m so new to jiu jitsu that my white belt has a white belt.


“Referee calls the competitors inside the mat” (taken from the JJIA Rulebook)

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