Getting Ready for Jiu Jitsu Class

Walk the dogs first before leaving so our mini-spitz doesn’t pee on the carpet. The gi should be hanging on the rack in the bedroom. Hopefully I washed the gi’s yesterday or I will have to get up early to wash them and also put them in the dryer and they will shrink and feel... Continue Reading →

What’s Next

I quit booze. I quit weed. I joined jiu jitsu. I got married. I wonder what’s next… Maybe I should find a full time job or a longer lasting part-time/contract role. Maybe I’ll change my career entirely. Maybe I’ll go back to school and learn a trade. Maybe we’ll move to another apartment or another... Continue Reading →

Dreaming Again

I’m dreaming again. Since quitting booze and smoking weed two and a half years ago, I’ve been able to remember my dreams upon waking up. My dreams are a mix of third-person watching other people be characters in an unfamiliar-familiar setting, first person feelings as I do something fun and weird, and also feeling as... Continue Reading →

Stop Following Politics

Become too busy to follow the latest sh*t show. Have enough things going on in your life that you miss the most recent world issue. Distract yourself with activities and hobbies that you love to the point of not knowing what’s going on in the world. If there is something important that you need to... Continue Reading →

BJJ, Life, and The Universe

When starting jiu jitsu your body often goes into fight or flight when you spar. Will you give up or rise to the occasion and find out what you’re made of? A beautiful representation of the rich duality of life and death. Humanity at its finest. And you get to wear a cool Gi too.... Continue Reading →

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