How to Record an Audiobook (for Beginners)

How did I make a 5 star rated how-to ebook? I just started. How did I create a simple t-shirt biz? I just started. How did I record an audiobook? You know where this is going. I just started. I wanted to offer something free to my readers, with the purchase of my tutoring guide.... Continue Reading →

Tune in on Tuesday @ 7:00pm Eastern (4:00pm Pacific), Reading the Introduction to My New Book – The Tutor Template

A short post for today. For those of you who have been around here this year, will know I released my first 'how-to' ebook guide in January called, The Tutor Template: A Step-By-Step Guide to Tutoring I want to let you wonderful folks know that on Tuesday April 6th @ 7:00pm Eastern (4:00pm Pacific), I... Continue Reading →

Periscope Live Stream is Discontinuing

UPDATE, THURSDAY APRIL 1st, 2021:A DownCulture EXCLUSIVE!Head of Customer Success & Operations at Streamyard Reaches out to DownCulture, "you can still stream and view streams on periscope for a bit" Our crack team of researchers here at DownCulture immediately investigated. You can, in fact, still stream to Periscope...(streamed 2 hours ago) We will... Continue Reading →

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