A Prologue I Wrote AND Short Story Writing Tips From Author Joe Bunting

Last week I was in the shower reminiscing about the psychological commentary by Carl Jung on the Tibetan Book of The Dead. When all of a sudden, I got an urge and inspiration for a prologue to a story I came up with that's completely unrelated to CJ's commentary (or maybe it will be?). Goes... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Sober Letters to My Drunken Self by Ed Latimore

The bubbly fizz and good vibes did not outnumber the brain fog and constant hangovers. I drank from sixteen years old to thirty-four years old. For the first time ever, this past January, I passed one year of no booze. For the first few months of not drinking, it was quite tough. But Ed's book... Continue Reading →

Listen to My Audiobook for FREE Here

BREAKING: The Tutor Template audiobook is complete! Listen to the audiobook here, free download available as well As always, share your thoughts about the book below. Thanks for listening! Also learn how to record your own audiobook by clicking here Get updates right to your inbox, cancel anytime! Get the digital copy here, on sale... Continue Reading →

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