BJJ, Life, and The Universe

When starting jiu jitsu your body often goes into fight or flight when you spar. Will you give up or rise to the occasion and find out what you’re made of? A beautiful representation of the rich duality of life and death. Humanity at its finest. And you get to wear a cool Gi too.

Sparring with someone in jiu jitsu is like trying to figure out a unified theory of everything. How does it (techniques) all fit together? The mats are like a physicists lab. Tinkering with experiments and writing different formulas until you unlock the secrets of the universe. And it’s great for cardio too.

BJJ is an endless flow of techniques that all connect to each other. Like the infinite possibilities of probability of the many-worlds theory. I don’t think you can figure out all the moves in jiu jitsu but why not try? Also, everyone looks good in a rash guard.

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