Probable Impossibilities by Alan Lightman

Audio version here: I was first introduced to the wonderful writing of physicist, Alan Lightman, about five years ago. I found his book during one of my many autodidact adventures into science. In that book (The Accidental Universe), Alan Lightman takes his expertise in science and the humanities, and weaves it together with a... Continue Reading →

Break The Internet Alex Jones is back on the JRE. Accompanied by a second guest, comedian Tim Dillon. A conspiracy theorists wet-dream. Within the first ten minutes, Joe, Tim, and Alex talk about:- Jefferey E. (you know what the E stands for)-Borat and Giuliani-Free speech-Hunter Biden I haven't got into the meat of the episode yet, but... Continue Reading →

Dancing in the Moonlight Wormhole

What started as a post about NASA's recent breaking news about finding water on the sun-side of the Moon, turned into a search for the original artist of the track, "Dancing in the Moonlight". To get me into the groove for writing a post about the Moon, I looked up "songs about the moon". Here... Continue Reading →

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