Books I’m Currently Reading and You Should Too

New rule: no more non-fiction for the rest of the year. That is my goal for the remainder of 2021. I’ll stick to sci-fi. Here is a list of books I’m currently reading: Death’s End by Cixin LiuChildren of Time by Adrian TchaikovskyNeverness by David ZindellSnow Crash by Neal Stephenson Death’s End by Cixin Liu... Continue Reading →

What Will You Do When the Aliens Come AND 3 Ways to Prep for the Alien Invasion

It's nighttime. You're in bed. And your mobile device lights up. I thought I turned off all my notifications, you think to yourself. It's the new National Wireless Emergency Alert Ready System the government has been testing out this past year. It reads... EMERGENCY ALERT / ALERTE D'URGENCE / ALERTA DE EMERGENCIAEXTRATERRESTRIAL SPACESHIPS INBOUND. SEEK... Continue Reading →

Listen to the UFO REPORT here

The report has dropped!(click here to read all nine pages) Today, UFO nerds and geeks everywhere, converged on the internet to be the first citizens to read the highly anticipated UFO report from the US Department of Defence and Navy. I was one of them. General Summary:- UFOs are real- 144 reports were analyzed from... Continue Reading →


There have been so many updates recently about this whole UFO hubbub. The Do You Believe In Aliens? post is getting cluttered From now on, all updates regarding anything UFO related (that I find interesting) will be posted here If you happen to find a fun update, please feel free to leave it in the... Continue Reading →

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