Biotech and Infotech: The Future of Humans

The future genetics revolution is coming. It's closer than you think. (cover image taken from Future humans are going to have many new ethical and moral challenges. One challenge in particular will test Homo Sapiens like never before: Big Data + BioTech = No more diseases Here are some excerpts from 21 Lessons for... Continue Reading →

Beware the Hells of Self-Abuse

"If persisted in self-abuse will not only undermine but completely overthrow the health. If the body is naturally strong, the mind may give way first, and in extreme cases imbecility and insanity may and often do come as an inevitable result." DO YOU HAVE THESE TELL-TALE SIGNS? "Circles under eyes!" "Calloused fingernails!" "A stooped posture!"... Continue Reading →

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