Getting Discouraged in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu A short video on why you should stop feeling sorry for yourself and go choke someone instead. I got chocked out by my partner right in front of the instructor, apparently the instructor was telling me “don’t give him the choke, you’re giving him the choke!” I couldn’t hear. My ears were plugged, face... Continue Reading →

Book Review of Eye of the World (Wheel of Time Book 1)

Trollocs, Ogiers, Aes Sedai...oh my! Back in November 2021, I wrote a post about the books I was currently reading. However, I am currently not reading any of them. That's because I was recommended a book series called, Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. And wow I am hooked. I don't normally... Continue Reading →

The Tutor Template Telegram – Issue #1

I just finished writing my first newsletter on Revue - the Twitter-based newsletter service. But when I finished issue #1, I realized, 'Hey, I have my own website, why not just use that.' I like that idea better. This newsletter idea will cover topics related to tutoring, my experience with tutoring in college, and how... Continue Reading →

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