The Tutor Template Telegram – Issue #4

Being a good role model is in what you do, not just what you say. Why should a student show up to the tutor session? Why should the student listen to you? Sure, getting extra help for school work is important in general. But why should they go to you for support? What are you... Continue Reading →

The Tutor Template Telegram – Issue #3

If a person can advocate for themselves, their potential is endless. If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now When I was younger I should have advocated for myself to have a tutor in school. I lacked the skills for self-efficacy. I struggled in middle-school and high-school, but was lucky that my father and... Continue Reading →

The Tutor Template Telegram – Issue #1

I just finished writing my first newsletter on Revue - the Twitter-based newsletter service. But when I finished issue #1, I realized, 'Hey, I have my own website, why not just use that.' I like that idea better. This newsletter idea will cover topics related to tutoring, my experience with tutoring in college, and how... Continue Reading →

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