Twitter API Burns Down, Real Journalism Rises Out of Ashes

Around 5pm EST, Twitter addicts like myself were denied our fix. What do addicts do when they run out? Look for more. Here at DownCulture, we searched the web as soon as we got word. Like most of you, we found out via DownDector. We then furiously researched and scoured our sources (aka we clicked... Continue Reading →

Why Did You Go, Joe?

Joe Rogan is a former American Judo Champion, he lives in California, and has several chickens. He also has a lovely golden retriever named Marshall. Joe Rogan also just signed a deal with Spotify worth more than 100 million gagillion fafillion dollars. Apparently this is a big move. In the last few years, YouTube... Continue Reading →

How to Read Books by Naval Ravikant

I have 38 books on the go. But that’s okay that I haven’t finished any of them yet. I happen to agree with Naval that you don't necessarily have to finish a book, right away or even at all, in order to appreciate content within a book. Naval Ravikant's Secret to Reading Books in the... Continue Reading →

Gad Saad New Book Release Date 2020

Dr. Gad Saad is a, professor of marketing at Concordia University and the author of The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption and The Consuming Instinct. Professor Gad is known as the Colonel of Reason, Leader of Logic, and the Destroyer of Doublespeak. If you follow him on Twitter (which I highly recommend you do) then you will know... Continue Reading →

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