There have been so many updates recently about this whole UFO hubbub. The Do You Believe In Aliens? post is getting cluttered From now on, all updates regarding anything UFO related (that I find interesting) will be posted here If you happen to find a fun update, please feel free to leave it in the... Continue Reading →

Listen to My Audiobook for FREE Here

BREAKING: The Tutor Template audiobook is complete! Listen to the audiobook here, free download available as well As always, share your thoughts about the book below. Thanks for listening! Also learn how to record your own audiobook by clicking here Get updates right to your inbox, cancel anytime! Get the digital copy here, on sale... Continue Reading →

Periscope Live Stream is Discontinuing

UPDATE, THURSDAY APRIL 1st, 2021:A DownCulture EXCLUSIVE!Head of Customer Success & Operations at Streamyard Reaches out to DownCulture, "you can still stream and view streams on periscope for a bit" https://twitter.com/realdanabentz/status/1377642849630519300 Our crack team of researchers here at DownCulture immediately investigated. You can, in fact, still stream to Periscope...(streamed 2 hours ago) https://twitter.com/wildnorther/status/1377617500444180482 We will... Continue Reading →

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