Staying in Your Lane and Loserthink by Scott Adams

Did you enjoy your SimultaneousSip™ today? I did, a lovely glass of cool water. It sure made watching this election hubbub more tolerable. I was able to catch a bit of Scott Adams's Periscope live-stream at 10am today. For those of you who do not know who Scott Adams is, here is a short... Continue Reading →

Break The Internet Alex Jones is back on the JRE. Accompanied by a second guest, comedian Tim Dillon. A conspiracy theorists wet-dream. Within the first ten minutes, Joe, Tim, and Alex talk about:- Jefferey E. (you know what the E stands for)-Borat and Giuliani-Free speech-Hunter Biden I haven't got into the meat of the episode yet, but... Continue Reading →

Deepfakes, National Security, and Steve Buscemi

Ever heard of Deepfakes? According to CNN: "Deepfake video is hyper-realistic manipulated video made using artificial intelligence technology. Deepfakes can be so convincing it can be difficult to determine what has been manipulated and what has not." (link) So why are people freaking out about Deepfakes? "An increasing number of lawmakers are warning that a... Continue Reading →

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