Welcome to Lex Fridman

"I'm a research scientist at MIT, working on human-centered AIand autonomous vehicles. Also, I teach courses on deep learning. Connect with me (@lexfridman) on Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Besides research and teaching, I enjoy playing guitar, practicing jiu jitsu, and engaging in deep meaningful conversations including on podcasts both as a guest (e.g., Joe Rogan Experience) and as a host (e.g., Artificial Intelligence... Continue Reading →

Penrose Physics

Joe Rogan just finished interviewing renowned physicist, Sir Roger Penrose. https://youtu.be/GEw0ePZUMHA?t=5184 I started watching it live at about an hour and a half in, near the end. Roger Penrose mentions the Penrose Institute that has a focus on pushing the boundaries of science: "I was a bit worried having my name attached to this thing... Continue Reading →

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