Three Body Podcast Episodes 37-40

I have recorded 40 episodes of a podcast about nothing in particular, just talking sh*t. This is fun. Here are four more episodes of talking sh*t for you to enjoy and learn about life and getting beat up in jiu jitsu. click to go to podcast page Episode 40 In this episode I riff... Continue Reading →

Three Body Podcast – Episodes 34, 35, 36

Recording a podcast without a script has been fun, I highly recommend it. Below are some of the most recent episodes I've recorded without a script... Episode 36 I riff about the decline of self-improvement twitter, not writing ebooks, sharing personal journeys, and creating content vs sharing what is actually valuable. Episode 35 Continue Reading →

Three Body Podcast – Episode 33

Lately I've been recording my podcast without any script. It is so much fun to just riff on ideas or things I've done lately. In this episode, I riff about not rolling my best in jiu jitsu last night, going away for reading-week break, new Randall Carlson on JRE episode, having a good daily routine,... Continue Reading →

Season 3 of the Three Body Podcast is OUT NOW

Brought back the podcast! Here are 6 new episodes for you Episode 1 - Probable Impossibilities by Alan Lightman I was first introduced to the wonderful writing of physicist, Alan Lightman, about five years ago. I found his book during one of my many autodidact adventures into science.  In that book, Alan Lightman takes his... Continue Reading →

The Audio App Wars

UPDATE May 3rd: If you have more than 600 follower on here, you now have access to Spaces UPDATE March 11th: Twitter Spaces is coming soon (I hope).... Bruh, are you even on Clubhouse? "Clubhouse is an iPhone app that allows people to host and join audio conversations with other users. Clubhouse is currently invite-only" and Part talkback... Continue Reading →

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