White Belt Mindset

Since c*vid sucks and we were kept from our loved ones, friends, and hobbies we enjoy doing (like jiu jitsu), Gracie Barra Online offered their members free access to their online courses. If you couldn't go to your gym mats, or if you didn't own your own set of mats at home, then online videos... Continue Reading →

Open Everything Up!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoNw0aq5Gu8 Enough already, it’s time to… Open the fitness gyms Open the jiu jitsu gyms Open the kickboxing schools Open the MMA schools Open the college campuses Open the Public schools Open the private schools Open the middle schools Open the high schools Open the daycares Open the camps Open the pools Open the bowling... Continue Reading →

Season 3 of the Three Body Podcast is OUT NOW

Brought back the podcast! Here are 6 new episodes for you Episode 1 - Probable Impossibilities by Alan Lightman I was first introduced to the wonderful writing of physicist, Alan Lightman, about five years ago. I found his book during one of my many autodidact adventures into science.  In that book, Alan Lightman takes his... Continue Reading →

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