The Self-Publishing Chronicles: Part One – Welcome to the Jungle (Amazon Book Support)

I wrote the book on a whim, for fun. Now it's turning into a legit side-gig as sales are slowly trickling in. The reality of having a book for sale on Amazon is sinking in as well. That means I want to provide the best book I can. That means more updates to the book.... Continue Reading →


The Tutor Template is LIVE and ready to read! Click here to get your copy The release of the book was a bit rocky but fun overall. Some spelling mistakes and missed sections, but my worry about formatting was overshadowed by my urge to get the book out to you guys. I'm happy with the... Continue Reading →

Pre-order My New Book

My new book The Tutor Template is ready for pre-sale! Uploading the book file and cover photo didn't take long at all. What took long was figuring out distribution rights, royalty plans, and listing price. -Distribution Rights are places on earth I am allowed to sell my book.-Royalty Plans are the amount of money Amazon... Continue Reading →

Ebook is Finished

My ebook is finished. I powered through until 6am this morning. Then ate some food, walked the dog, and had a nap. Woke up and went back to writing, editing, and formatting. Finished at 6pm today. I feel so relieved that the formatting is done. That was boring and time consuming. Also, here's a tip... Continue Reading →

New Ebook Coming Soon

I'm almost done writing an ebook. It's called: The Tutor Template: A Practical Guide to Teaching, Coaching, and Instructing Where did it come from? In the middle of a seven day blog post challenge, I came up with an idea for a blog post called, "How to Tutor". After a couple of days, I noticed... Continue Reading →

Mark Manson Swears A Lot

Author, blogger, and internet entrepreneur - Mark Manson - has a potty mouth. Here is just a small sample of his blasphemous writings: Is No One Safe from the Bullshit?  (Subscribers Only) "Who The Fuck Am I" The Ultimate Guide to Personal Values 5 Books That Explain Why It Seems the World Is So Fucked Fuck... Continue Reading →

Coddling North American Minds

“Trigger warnings are verbal or written notifications provided by a professor to alert students that they are about to encounter potentially distressing material.” - from Coddling of the American Mind by Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff Real life does not give you trigger warnings. Young adults these days are soft. If you were to drop... Continue Reading →

How to Read Books by Naval Ravikant

I have 38 books on the go. But that’s okay that I haven’t finished any of them yet. I happen to agree with Naval that you don't necessarily have to finish a book, right away or even at all, in order to appreciate content within a book. Naval Ravikant's Secret to Reading Books in the... Continue Reading →

The Three Body Problem Sci-fi Sensation

I recently came across one of the coolest sci-fi books ever: Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu. "Set against the backdrop of China's Cultural Revolution, a secret military project sends signals into space to establish contact with aliens. An alien civilization on the brink of destruction captures the signal and plans to invade... Continue Reading →

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