The Submission Only Downtown Showdown in Leg Lock City

Why did I sign up for a competition that is submission only?

Why did I sign up for a competition that allows all leg locks except for heel hooks?

Why did I sign up for a competition that allows mouth and nose smothering by hand?

Why did I sign up for a competition that allows open hand neck choking?

Why did I sign up for an open weight absolute match?

Because why the heck not!

Here is a breakdown of the rules for the comp I’m going to in June:

Blue Belt: 4 Minutes Submission Only, 4 Minutes Points. 4 Minutes Overtime

First 4 minute round is Submission Only, second 4 minute round is for Points. If the competitors are still on tie, move to OT round. If there is still a tie after OT, then fighters will move onto modified EBI overtime

Competitors are not rewarded for farming points

Pulling guard results in a penalty point (unless going straight into a submission)

This is wild. Also no medals and no podium. This feels like an underground tournament to me, sort of like those old Jean Claude Van Damme films where he goes to a secret tournament and kicks butt, and I can’t wait to train and show ‘em what I got.

Thank goodness they have a 160lbs weight division because I didn’t want to drop to 155 or go up to compete at 170.

What is my training regime gonna look like?

Basically train on the mats as much as I can, be safe with it, do some strength training at the fitness gym, and get some time on the treadmill.

I did six hours of jiujitsu last week. I think I can take a few days off. And start going to no-gi and competiton classes next week. I have to be safe and smart with my training. I only know one leg lock: the straight ankle lock. So I can practice entries and finishes for that. And not to mention defending leg locks, which I have no clue how to do other than ‘don’t give them your leg’ but that’s a good start.

I also can’t wait for my new rash guard to show up:

It should arrive just in time for my sub only massacre coming up in June.

I’ll give you updates of my training progress as we get closer to The Sub Only Showdown.

Wish me luck 💪

Here’s some AI text-to-image art, using the prompt:
“City lights downtown bjj leg locks”


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