Getting Your Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I had a big dumb smile on my face on the ride home after practice. Then I thought to myself “wait a minute, now you have to compete in the blue belt division oh sh*t.”

There was something in the air that night at the JiuJitsu gym. I noticed I was successfully sweeping more. I noticed that the partner that usually submits me didn’t submit me at all, and the blue belt that usually kicks my ass, I was on his back for almost 2 minutes. I thought to myself “wow I think you’re actually getting better” and wouldn’t you know it, I got my blue belt last night. I thanked my head instructor as he tied the belt around my waist, and he said “don’t thank me thank yourself you did all the work.”

Getting my blue bell tonight was a surprise. While I was rolling with my partner, he looked over, and he saw one of the assistant blue belts, who helps out at the front counter, put a pile of blue belts, on the edge of the mat. “gonna be a bunch of promotions tonight I guess.” he says. I thought ‘no way too soon, me?’ I didn’t think I’d be getting my blue belt at least until the end of this year, boy was I wrong. And I’m glad I was.

When the first person got their blue belt tonight, our instructor goes , “do you know what this means, nothing!” he and all of us laughed together because we knew he was joking, but there’s also some truth in that. Not much changes when you get a belt. Keep doing what you’re doing and eventually you’ll get better and eventually you’ll be promoted. Simple as that. But there’s nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself because we all earned our stripes and belts last night because we showed up and we tried our best. It’s cliché but it’s true.

If you’re a white belt who’s thinking of quitting, keep at it. All those cuts and bruises and mat burns will be worth it. And don’t quit when you get your blue belt. Yeah sure life happens, but don’t give up.

I try and show up to the bjj gym 3-4 hours a week, and the fitness gym 3 hours a week. This works for me and my schedule. It took around a year and a half to get my blue belt. Not to shabby, well done, D.

I actually feel like a blue belt. This is where the fun really begins, and I can actually start doing jiu jitsu for real.

Good luck to you white belts out there, I was one up until less than 24 hours ago. Keep surviving and that blue belt beauty will come. Hang in there.

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