Walking the Dogs, Nostalgia, and Risking Permanent Injuries for Glory

It’s around noon eastern standard time here in southern Ontario Canada. It’s 2°C, cloudy, with a chance of drizzle. Currently, I’m out walking our two dogs and using speech-to-text and talking into the Notes app on my iPhone. And in less than 24 hours I will be fighting a bunch of 20 something year olds in a round robin tournament in Toronto. I’m not nervous. Yet. I’ve been to two JiuJitsu competitions in my life last year and I didn’t get nervous until I stepped on the mat. And it was the same when I used to wrestle in high school all those years ago.

I’ve trained on the JiuJitsu mat and in the fitness gym these last few weeks, and I’m ready as I can be. I often times think about why I would even do such a thing, sign up to a competition and potentially get a permanent injury from young men full of energy and in their prime. Honestly, I’m still trying to figure that out. I have three jobs, a wife, and two dogs to take care of. Why would I risk permanent injury and jeopardize all of those things in my life. I like training jiujitsu and I like telling people I train jiujitsu. It’s one of the many hats that I wear. I wear a tutor hat. I wear a cooks hat. I wear a support workers hat and I wear a jujitsu hat. Out of all the hats I wear the jiujitsu one is still a mystery.

When I told people I was fighting in eight matches, they all had the same look, wide-eyed and surprised, and all of them said in different ways. “wow that’s a lot good luck,” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think I’m trying to re-create the feelings and good vibes I experienced from wrestling tournaments from back in the day, I’m trying to relive the old days, and a nostalgic feeling I get from training for and driving to and walking around and competing at the tournaments.

I just hope it’s worth the risk of potentially permanent injury. My hand is getting really cold and I need to pick up the dog mess in the grass. I’ll let you know how the competition goes.

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