Signed up for another Jiu Jitsu tournament for January 2023

I signed up for a No Gi AND Gi competition. Round Robin. I’ve never done a No Gi Comp but why the heck not. This will be my third competition ever. I’m currently 0-2 in competing in bjj. I have a good feeling about this next one.

I have to make sure I don’t psych myself out either. Looking at the brackets everyday is not a good idea. Fear can keep people from competing. Fear of embarrassment can keep people from even joining or trying Jiu Jitsu.

Why the heck am I going to train for a martial arts competition at the age of 37? Why would I put my body and mind through that? Am I trying to prove something to myself? Not sure. But I know I want to have fun. And BJJ is fun.

I’m going to train on the mats AND in the gym. I need to be lifting more weights this next seven weeks since I will be in a heavier weight division, 170lbs, I’m currently 160lbs.

I now have a focus and motivation for going to the fitness gym. For years I haven’t been able to make weight-lifting a habit. Hopefully now that I have a goal of actually being competitive this time around it’ll motivate me to keep going to the gym at LEAST three times a week.

I got to say I’m excited about this next competition. I feel my wrestling skills will be more prominent in No Gi since there is no material to grip when hand-fighting and for my stand-up. But when I’m in someone’s closed guard in No Gi, like what the heck do I even grab? In training I sort of grab on to my opponents arms or wrists and try to post on them, is that correct? I’m need to look in to that. No Gi is like a different martial art than Gi.

Anyways, have you tried a free trial jiu jitsu class yet? Try it out!

Fun in Adobe Illustrator…

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