Mistakes, Entropy, and Infinity OR A Blog Post to Keep You Going

Do you ever mess up?

Make decisions that clearly aren’t a good idea?

Wish you could take back what you did?

I know you have. I have too. Because we’re humans. With all the beauty, ugliness, stupidity, and genius that comes with it.

Entropy dictates we can’t go back in time. We can’t change what we already did. The forward motion of our lives was set up moments after the Big Bang. Or so they say.

“The unfolding of any given life is beyond prediction. The final fate of any given life is a foregone conclusion”

Entropy also says we’re going to die. Heavy, I know. But that’s not what most people are scared of. Not death, but dying. Pain. And how our loved ones will feel when we’re gone.

“The second law describes a fundamental characteristic inherent in all matter and energy, regardless of structure or form, whether animate or inanimate. The law reveals (loosely, again) that everything in the universe has an overwhelming tendency to run down, to degrade, to wither”

You’re still here. Any mistakes you’ve made weren’t the end result of you. Hopefully you have people in your life that can listen to you when you’re down. Or help you get back on your feet.

“[…] the recognition that our time is finite is always with us, helping to shape the choices we make, the challenges we accept, the paths we follow”

“We are no more than playthings knocked to and fro by the dispassionate rules of the cosmos”

But perhaps we can make our own rules.

If the universe is in fact infinite, that could mean a startling conclusion: there’s another You out there.

In an infinitely large universe, each separate region with a cosmic horizon, can only have finite configurations of particles. These regions with finite configurations will eventually repeat.

“In the far reaches of an infinite cosmos, there’s a galaxy that looks just like the Milky Way, with a solar system that’s the spitting image of ours, with a planet that’s a dead ringer for earth, with a house that’s indistinguishable from yours, inhabited by someone who looks just like you, who is right now reading this very book and imagining you, in a distant galaxy, just reaching the end of this sentence”

There might be another You out there. Make sure the one reading this has a good life.

“He concluded his statement with “I have tried to live my life such that in the hour of my death I would feel joy rather than fear.”

Photo by ÉMILE SÉGUIN @ Unsplash

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