Being Married

I like being married. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I remember when I was in my late twenties, riding my bike through a subdivision in my city. And thinking, “I don’t ever want to live in suburbia with a family, I don’t want that life.” I think I even wrote a blog post about it back then. At the time I was biking through suburbia, I was deep into the dating scene. I looked up dating advice online, took it seriously, and applied it. I know, I can hear you laughing through the screen. But the self-improvement aspect of it did improve my overall well-being.

I can’t imagine dating these days. I did the whole swiping-online dating when I was younger. I bet it’s even harder to get dates these days and meet someone you like. Is it?

I’m glad I got married when i did. Not too young, not too old. It was the right time. I remember when my wife asked me to marry her. We had just finished unpacking our travel bags at my parents place on the lake. I was putting something away and turned around and she handed me a few pieces of paper. She was going to read it herself but was overcome with emotion so I read it instead. It was a beautiful letter with a proposal at the end. I did not expect that. I looked up and she as down on one knee with a little box with a ring in it. I remember thinking to myself, ‘Do I want to get married?‘ Nothing came to mind that told me not to, and I was overcome with excitement. “Yes, yes!”

Her hand was shaking when we put on the rings. We hugged and kissed. We were engaged. When I was younger and daitng around, I remember telling myself ‘I don’t think I’ll ever get married’ Turns out I was wrong. I’m okay with that.

We got married this past June. It was a fun reception and wedding. We did it differently. We went to City Hall and got married legally with a judge, then had a reception at ther parents house backyard with her giant Colombian family. There wasn’t even all of them there. There was dancing and food, just what I like. At the end of the month, my immediate family – brother, his wife, my mom and dad – visited and we had a wedding ceremony at my wife’s parents back yard. My Older brother and my wife’s sister were the MCs. It went well.

Being married is good. We enjoy spending time together. And we enjoy doing our own thing without one another. For example, if I’m on the couch writing on my computer, and her on the other couch watching a show, it’s all good. Her family likes me and my family likes her. We’re both lucky.

When I quit drinking and then quit pot, it was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. Because not only did my quality of life improve but so did my relationships. I’m still working on being a better son, brother, and husband. But not being a degenerate anymore was the right move.

This is getting longer than I thought. I’ll stop here. Let me finish this off with:
Get married if you want to.
It was a good thing for me.
Maybe it’s not for everyone.
But before you do you should probably go on a self-improvement binge. It’ll help.


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