Your BJJ Journey and Nested Stories

Your jiu jitsu rolling tells the story about your bjj journey so far. What you’ve learned, what you’ve forgotten, what you do instinctively, how you control your mind and body, how you breathe, and how you react under pressure of simulated fighting.

Your jiu jitsu journey is a collection of nested stories about what you’ve learned about yourself so far. Nested stories are stories within stories. Your main story is that you joined jiu jitsu and you’re learning techniques for a martial art. But other stories exist within your learning of the techniques.

Because when you learn techniques you’re also learning about: how your body works, how disciplined your are, what your cardio is like, how flexible you are, how you handle loss, how you handle winning, and how to interact with many different types of people. The list could go on and on, but the idea here is that your bjj journey has many stories going on at once. And they all have different paces, beginnings and endings.

Which stories within your epic tale of your jiu jitsu journey will provide the most useful answers for progress?

Maybe the story of the your breathing tells you it needs work to get it under control when rolling. That will help calm your nerves and help you think better in order to make good decisions. Maybe the story of your cardio tells you you need more reps and to show up more often. That will help you to last longer during open mat and sparring sessions. Maybe you need to work on your discipline for showing up to training or sticking with your bjj schedule and not skipping classes.

Think of all these stories combining to make a narrative structure that when read together tell the beautiful adventure of your bjj odyssey.

What is your jiu jitsu story so far and how will you tell it?



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