Dreaming Again

I’m dreaming again. Since quitting booze and smoking weed two and a half years ago, I’ve been able to remember my dreams upon waking up. My dreams are a mix of third-person watching other people be characters in an unfamiliar-familiar setting, first person feelings as I do something fun and weird, and also feeling as if I’m someone else living their strange life in a strange setting doing strange things. Dreams are amazing and freaky. Why do we dream?

Perhaps we dream as a way to unpack our daily lives. Perhaps we dream as a way to undergo our own self-therapy sessions. Perhaps dreaming is visiting another dimension that we are literally transported to. Perhaps all or none of those reasons. We still don’t know for sure.

But one thing is for sure, dreams are realms with high entropy. Disorder and Chaos. There is low probability that dreams are structured and orderly.

Glad they are back in my life. Back in full force. I’ve missed them.

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