New Designs: White Belt Mindset, One Word BJJ, Coffee and Chokes, Choke City, BJJ (Life) Guard, and Watch Out for Guard Pullers

I have 6 new designs for the aspiring arm breaker!

Check out the to find your favourite design

Be sure to use ‘JIU2022’ promo code at checkout and get 15% off most items in the store

White Belt Mindset – Slider Sandals

The White Belt Mindset means to never stop learning! Slide right in to these slider sandals and keep on rollin’

One Word BJJ – Classic Tee

Survive. Explore. Refine. Teach. Perfect. If you had to describe BJJ in one word what would it be?

Coffee and Chokes – Mug

Start your day with coffee before you go choke people!

Choke City – Sticker

Slap this Choke City sticker on your gym bag and roll into class like a beast!

BJJ (Life) Guard – Classic Tank Top, Classic Tee, Classic Long Sleeve Tee, Classic Pull Over Hoodie

The world would be a safer place if everyone knew jiu jitsu. Save a life, join a jiu jitsu club!

Watch Out for Guard Pullers – Classic Tee, Classic Tank Top, Mug, Die Cut Sticker

When sparring use caution and beware…watch out for those pesky guard pullers!




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