New Designs: White Belt Mindset, One Word BJJ, Coffee and Chokes, Choke City, BJJ (Life) Guard, and Watch Out for Guard Pullers

I have 6 new designs for the aspiring arm breaker! Check out the to find your favourite design Be sure to use 'JIU2022' promo code at checkout and get 15% off most items in the store White Belt Mindset - Slider Sandals The White Belt Mindset means to never stop learning! Slide right in... Continue Reading →

Three Body Podcast Episodes 41 and 42

Episode 41 I chat about competing in a jiu jitsu competition as a no-stripe white belt. Topics such as comp training classes, nutrition, cutting weight, and expectations for competing as a white belt. Episode 42 On my way home I was inspired to record some thoughts about why most people who try jiu jitsu... Continue Reading →

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