What Happens When You Take the BJJ Pill?

You go down the YouTube rabbit hole about guard passing, how to escape side control, and buggy chokes.

You buy a mouth guard.

You tie your gi belt incorrectly more often than you should.

You tell everyone to try jiu jitsu even though you’ve only been going for a week.

You discover #BJJTwitter and BJJ memes and r/bjj.

You find out who Mikey Musumeci and Gordon Ryan are.

You call out and critique moves when watching UFC and mma fights when they go to the ground.

You start wearing flip flops to the bjj gym.

You get mat burn all the time and it is now a permanent tattoo on your feet.

Your can’t move your fingers in the morning because you were death-grip fighting the night before.

You probably bruised a rib during your first week.

You eventually realize you spend money every month to fight strangers every week and after every class you shake each others hands.

You now hip-escape every time you turn over in your bed.

You question whether signing up was a good decision because you get triangled by teenage orange belts often.

You will think about bjj all the time.

You buy fitness mats made for exercising from Walmart so you can practice moves incorrectly at home with your wife.

You find out that hang-drying your washed gi is better than putting it in the machine dryer.

You discover you are worse at no gi bjj because it’s basically a different martial art.

You find out that not everyone knows what jiu jitsu is and that most people don’t do jiu jitsu but a lot of people do jiu jitsu.

You at least once consider quitting while sitting in your car after an open mat where you got choked out in front of the head instructor while they where telling you how not to get choked.

You accept that minor injuries are now a part of your everyday life.

You keep showing up in spite of the pain, injuries, fear, nervousness, and getting constantly submitted.

What else happens when you take the BJJ Pill?

See you on the mats!




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