Book Review of The Dragon Reborn (Wheel of Time Book 3)

What is High Fantasy? “High fantasy, or epic fantasy, is a subgenre of fantasy defined by the epic nature of its setting or by the epic stature of its characters” (source) I never thought I would be on to the fourth book in a fourteen high fantasy book series. But here I am, writing a review about the third book, The Dragon Reborn.

There are spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

The theme of this book three is: change. Perrin is changing into a cool wolf man. Mat is finding his own way, kicking ass at dice and wanting nothing to do with this whole adventure and wants his own adventure, but he’s a good dude so he wants to help his friends. Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne are becoming Aes Sedai, powerful wizards with magic. And Rand is becoming what he is reluctantly and slowly accepting, he is the Dragon Reborn.

This third book focuses a lot more on the other characters, especially the ladies – Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne. The went off to the White Tower to become Aes Sedai. The book follows their ups and downs when training at the Tower. It also focuses more on Perrin who is a man but has instincts like a wolf. And has cool wolf dreams. It was good to have character development for the other characters instead of just Rand. However, Rand was hardly in this book. He was apparently off doing is own journey to Tear. To find his kick ass sword.

What I Liked

The fight scenes. For example, when the Trollocs attack the camp with Moraine, Lan, Perrin, Rand, and crew. Perrin destroys a bunch of enemies. He’s getting good at his axe. Speaking of axe, the fight scene after he freed the Aiel and then mucked a bunch of soldiers one after another, that was sweet. I wish the fight scenes were more detailed and longer. I feel they’re a bit quick and need more emphasis on how people are getting messed up and beaten up. Also I have a prediction: it seems that the author has been dropping some hints that Perrin doesn’t really want to use his axe on people, although he is good at it. I think he will eventually give up his axe and become a non-violent Tinkerer.

The fight scene in the second last chapter was great. It was long, detailed and everyone was involved, the whole crew. And there was “motion.” It kept the story going at a good pace and it kept me wanting to turn the page and find out how they survived.

I also like how they gave descriptions of the the main characters as if you’d never had read what they looked like, it was a good refresher to keep it fresh it your mind, good idea from the author.

The Ogier, Loial. He’s taking notes about his adventure and I would definitely read that book he’s writing. I hope in one of the books in the series I haven’t got to yet they have some chapters dedicated to the book he’s writing, that would be fun.

What I Didn’t Like

Like the last book, there is too much travelling. How many towns do these people need to visit? Too many. Don’t need a whole chapter about another inn they stayed at that looks the same. One to two pages max. Also I would like some back story for each of the main characters. What were they like even before we were introduced to them in Edmond’s Field in the first book? Maybe I’ll get more of that in the other eleven books. As I said in the other reviews, there are too many words I don’t know and they are a bit much. For example, there was a word that described the angled wood support beams in a corner of a ceiling. I have to look them up and it interrupts the flow of reading sometimes. At one point it was happening every other page of awhile. But I suppose it helps with my vocabulary but I also forgot the words and never go back to the ones I highlight.

What Other People Thought

I was going to take a break from this series and some people on social media had thoughts about that…

“Yes keep reading”

“Definitely don’t take a break. I did that half way through, forgot it all and now I have to reread eight books before I can finish the series :)”

“Next book is arguably the best one in the series.”

“Things went irrevocably wrong for me in book 5. Violated my sense of story. I ended up sticking it out to book 7, and wish I hadn’t. Like the setting, but the story went downhill. A lot.”

“Couldn’t get into this beast. Not my forté.”


It’s good and I’m definitely going to keep on reading, book four here I come. I actually wanted to get this fun review out of the way before I started reading the fourth book. I’ve said this before, but the only fantasy books I’ve read were The Hobbit and one of the Red Wall books, both when I was younger and I still find it amazing that I got into a fantasy book now at the age of 36. I usually read sci-fi, but took sort of a break after finishing the Three Body Problem series – which is great by the way and you should read them like now. Also If you have any other high fantasy books you think I would like and that you like as well, drop some of your recommendations in the comments below.

This is fan art by an artist named Night Owl on – for the featured image for this post, I added the red hair, glasses, and red beard because it’s funny.

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