30 More Random Thoughts on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Yesterday the Ontario government dropped all vaccine mandates and capacity limits. Hallelujah. Although many people are still effected by the pandemic (is it still a pandemic now?), I’m glad we’re going back to somewhat normal. We have to move on the best we can. And one way to do that is to get back to rolling on a mat with a sweaty stranger while you try to choke each other and break their limbs (or if you’re a white belt just surviving)!

Here are 30 more random thoughts on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu…

1, Going back to jiu jitsu tomorrow! After a month off because of the stupid shutdowns/lockdowns. In celebration I will be wearing my gi all day today during my tutoring sessions and then at the gym. This feels right.

2. It still hasn’t hit me yet that I go to a martial arts school. I still consider jiu jitsu as ‘wrestling but with choking.’

3. Gyms opened up yesterday. First time back in almost a month. And no jiu jitsu during that time as well. Oh man was I out of shape. But I slept well last night and feel great today. Glad to be back on track.

4. How to Prep for a Jiu Jitsu Class:
-make a delicious dinner for your fiancé
-muck some stew
-have a shower
What else…

5. I’m back to tweeting about jiu jitsu. The world is whole again.

6. Supported students. Recorded a podcast episode. Made dinner for my fiancé. Went to jiu jitsu. Tidied the kitchen. About to read some high-fantasy. Helped others and got healthy. Little things. Today was a win.

7. I’m back at jiu jitsu and my fiancé is starting back up with a personal trainer. Getting healthier together is the way to go.

8. Joined a Twitter Spaces tonight about wrestling and jiu jitsu, great convo. I even went up to speak a bit and it was tons of fun. Hope to do it again soon!

9. I wonder what we’re going to learn in jiu jitsu class tonight…

10. Great roll tonight. We reviewed the same moves as Tuesday’s class: double leg, collar chokes. And learned a new arm bar as well. Also exchanged numbers with a fellow grappler. We are now jiu jitsu friends.

11. I just got home from jiu jitsu. My fiancé is working out in the living room with a Zoom group online and personal trainer. Both of us are getting healthy in our own way. Love it.

12. Capacity limits have us waiting outside in the cold, before being let in to the jiu jitsu gym. Whatever I got to do to get that sweet sweet rolling in.

13. I’m looking into how to sign up/register for an Ontario Jiu Jitsu Association tournament in Toronto in March. Need to see the fee, transportation, hotel, etc. The wheels are turning, let’s make this happen!

14. Update: I need an Ontario Jiu Jitsu Association membership, $150 for the year. Not bad. Then it’ll be $150 for two nights for the hotel. Much to ponder…

15. Just got out of an open mat jiu jitsu sparring class. Oh man. Got dummied by all ten partners. Arm bars, triangles, legs locks, and something called an anaconda choke. BUT I had a few higher belts says I had good defence. That’s a win in my books.

16. My hope is that doing more things in the real world (jiu jitsu, tutoring, support work, spending time with fiancé, etc) will help me tweet less in the digital world.

17. Worked out at the gym around people last night. Rolling on mats with people at jiu jitsu tonight. Let’s get back to normal being around other people.

18. Last Saturday at jiu jitsu during the open mat rolling, my partner and I were the last to spar. We looked up and saw everyone getting ready to leave. I’m glad I’m getting passionate about a sport again.

19. Last Saturday in jiu jitsu during the open mat sparing session, I rolled with almost everyone. 10 people. I only took breaks during the allotted 1min between the 5min rolls. Did that for 50mins. My cardio is getting better.

20. Not my best rolling in jiu jitsu tonight. But hey I will be back at it again on Thursday. Don’t despair, just keep showing up.

21. Cook meals for yourself and fiancé, workout sometimes, tutor people, do jiu jitsu, drink hot chocolate, read high-fantasy, record a podcast, go to bed by ten, chat with your fam when you can, and stay sober from booze and pot. Just reminding myself to keep being awesome.

22. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I worked out. Tuesday and Thursday I went to jiu jitsu. Saturday I’m going to an open mat bjj rolling session. This week has been a massive win for my fitness.

23. Unsubscribe from all your online newsletters and join a jiu jitsu gym.

24. My fiancée says while I leave for jiu jitsu: “Don’t come back injured, but if you’re injured still come back.”

25. The feeling of accomplishment after jiu jitsu class, even when I get my butt kicked which is often, is worth the cuts, scrapes, bruises, mat burns, and joint pain. Join a class today and see if you have what it takes, you may even love it.

26. You will get submitted. You will get your butt kicked. You will get injured. But you’ll also meet new people, get fit, and learn a self-defence. Go to a jiu jitsu class and try it out.

27. It’s easy to get discouraged in jiu jitsu. It’s happened to me more than a few times since starting my martial arts journey. I will keep getting submitted until I don’t. I have to focus on the long game.

28. I wonder how I’ll be submitted in jiu jitsu tonight. Can’t wait 💪

29. Tonight in jiu jitsu we learned a single to double leg takedown (easy for me because of background in wrestling and I’m awesome). Then a knee-slice guard pass to side control. Then knee-slice guard pass to collar choke. Being a white belt is fun. The world needs more white belts.

30. Whenever partners tell me I have good defence or it took awhile to submit me, that’s a win in my books. I get by butt kicked a lot, but as a white belt I look at my improvements instead of focusing on what I lack. Getting discouraged in bjj will happen, but always look forward.




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