Recording a Podcast Without a Script

Lately I have been recording my podcast episodes without a script. Six of them to be exact. I’m having more fun riffing on ideas I barely know or fun things I’ve been doing in my life, than reading a blog post to turn it into a podcast episode (although I have some blog posts that I will eventually turn into podcast episodes, just as another way for people to soak it in).

Recording without a script allows me to expand on ideas I wouldn’t normally write about. For example, the v*ccine mandates, my habits, or random things on twitter. I also get to expand on things I’m doing in my life like jiu jitsu or getting married. I’m no expert on most topics. I do know a lot about tutoring and support work, but most things I know little about. But that doesn’t exclude me from having an opinion on many different things. As I’ve been saying in my recent episodes (mostly in jest) is that I get my fact-checking from two sources: 1) my gut, and 2) twitter.

Recording a podcast episode without a script puts you on the spot. Especially if you don’t have a guest on with you. You’re there by yourself, talking to yourself. It may feel a bit weird, but just pretend you’re talking to a good friend and sharing your thoughts with them.

Or another example, maybe you’re talking about a controversial topic, such as the v*ccine mandates or c*vid in general. If you’re not an epidemiologist or virologist, then you will say something uninformed or flat out wrong. And that’s okay. Use this opportunity to simply get your ideas out of your head and into the ether of the internet. Once that happens, it’s open for anyone to disagree or agree, challenge you on your ideas, or get mad at you and mute and block you. But hey, that’s the nature of the internet these days. You have to have a thick skin to put your ideas out to the world. The most recent controversy with Joe Rogan is a good example of this.

And besides, I’m not saying anything too controversial (yet). Having some anonymity on the internet sure can help shield you from any potential backlash to your ideas. Or at least suffering any real implications of people hating you for your positions. And in the end, who cares?

I say it’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay not to know about everything you talk about. No one is perfect and everyone is allowed have an opinion. These days however, that in-and-of-itself is an unpopular opinion. I say we have more conversations with each other. Disagree with each other. Not try and cancel each other because we have different opinions. Because at the end of the day, people have their own lives to worry about. Bills to pay, people to email, jobs to show up to, children to take care of, and any number of real life things to attend to. And yours and my podcast episodes are simply ways to share ideas with other people and if they want to listen they can and if not they don’t have to. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to know what you really know, or find out what you don’t know, then record a podcast episode without a script. Put yourself out there and be challenged by challenging yourself.

You can listen to my most recent (unscripted) episode below and hear me riff about ideas I know about and don’t know about. It’s all about having fun anyways.

In this episode, I riff about not rolling my best in BJJ last night, going away for reading-week break, new Randall Carlson on JRE episode, having a good daily routine, mandates being lifted, and happy birthday Joe Pesci.

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