Book Review of The Great Hunt (Wheel of Time Book 2)

There will be spoilers below. Enjoy. The second book in the Wheel of Time series, The Great Hunt, was fantastic and fun. Much better than the first. The first one showed me a fantasy novel universe that was believable yet soaked in imagination. The second book kept up the image but the flow of information... Continue Reading →

New Design: Grandpa Culture

Wise, experienced, and full of love. Embrace it, embrace grandpa culture. Click here or image below to get the hoodie Mug plus Book plus Glasses equals GRANDPA CULTURE. Click here or image below to get the shirt Click here to check out the store

Twitter Detox Challenge

I’m writing this from the gym. One of the many activities that are better than using twitter. I’ll make this quick, as typing while on the treadmill is probably not ideal. I’m going to attempt a Twitter Detox Challenge. One week of not going on twitter. Now, I will blog and when I hit “publish”... Continue Reading →

Electric Lake – Prologue

I started writing a sci-fi story last year. But I haven't done any writing for it in many months. Time to change that. I need to get back to writing for fun and spending less time on social media (twitter) and more time doing fun things I enjoy. I have a rough draft of a... Continue Reading →

Three Body Podcast – Episode 33

Lately I've been recording my podcast without any script. It is so much fun to just riff on ideas or things I've done lately. In this episode, I riff about not rolling my best in jiu jitsu last night, going away for reading-week break, new Randall Carlson on JRE episode, having a good daily routine,... Continue Reading →

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