The Tutor Template Telegram – Issue #4

Being a good role model is in what you do, not just what you say.

Why should a student show up to the tutor session? Why should the student listen to you?

Sure, getting extra help for school work is important in general. But why should they go to you for support?

What are you doing that makes you stand out from the other tutors?

Well for one thing, you aren’t up all night binge drinking and smoking pot. You aren’t showing up late to the tutor sessions. You aren’t constantly cancelling or rescheduling your tutor sessions. As a tutor, and like at any job you get paid to do, you do your best and present yourself the best way you can. Having a healthy and interesting life outside of tutoring will make you a better tutor.

Let’s start with the ‘boring’ stuff…
-Go to bed before 10pm
-Drink more water throughout the day
-Take your vitamins
-Eat whole foods more often than take-out

Now the fun stuff…
-Have interesting hobbies outside of work
Do a martial art

Bad Habits Equal Bad Behaviour

It took me many years of substance abuse to finally stop my bad habits from seeping into my work life. For example, I used to drink a least a six pack of beer everyday for many years. I used to smoke pot almost everyday since I was around seventeen years old (I’m now thirty six). Both substance abuse issues hindered my relationship with my immediate family and my past relationships, even the one I’m in now. Years ago when I was in college, I showed up to class stoned on pot all the time. I would get overwhelmed by tests and assignments, I thought that smoking weed was helping me relax. It did for the first five minutes after consuming it. But soon I would get anxiety and stressed out again, so I would just smoke more, chasing that five minutes of ‘relief.’ Turns out the weed only made me more stressed and anxious. Not to mention I used to go to the pub for a bunch of pints, thinking it was a normal thing to pay way too much for beer and drink at a bar feeling sorry for myself. So glad I don’t do that anymore.

When I was in a co-op placement in college, I showed up to work stoned on pot pretty much regularly. I thought it would help me be calm and patient with the people I was supporting. It only made me detached and unable to problem solve. I would also get frustrated quickly with a student if they ‘didn’t understand what I was teaching.’ The students didn’t deserve that. They deserved a person who was there to help them the best they can with a sober mind and clear support plan. Something had to change.

This new year, I passed two years sober from booze. I barley get stressed, I’m almost never anxious, and I’m not quick to anger like I used to be. Being sober is the best thing I ever did for myself and the people in my life. I’m happy to say that things have got way better and I’m set to be married this summer. Basically, growing up is the way to go. It took me longer than I would have liked, but I’m glad I’m heading in the right direction. Growing up can be subjective, but what I mean is taking control of your issues, taking responsibility for your bad habits, and taking the right steps to sort yourself out.

Be a Tutor to Yourself

Now I exercise, eat mostly whole foods that we cook ourselves, and go to bed way earlier than I used to. You now, normal stuff. Although I don’t work out as much as I should (gyms are closed don’t get me started), sometimes eat frozen prepared food, and stay up passed midnight – making the effort to do good habits more often than not – is a great way to be a good role model to the people in my life, especially the students. If a student sees you in good spirits it will lift them up too. To be in good spirits is to consume good things. Consuming good things like: water, fruit, veggies, books, and love from the people in your life – is a good first step. And it’s hard to do any of that if you’re drunk and stoned all the time.

Here is a short story I wrote about two tutors – Tom and Teddy. Which tutor would you want your children getting support from? I know who’d I pick. Click here to find out.

Did you know I have a book about tutoring?
It’s called The Tutor Template: A Step-by-Step Guide to Tutoring, you can find it here on Amazon and Gumroad.

It’s a book for busy parents who want to homeschool their kids but don’t know how. And it’s a book for students who want to teach themselves instead of relying on remote-online-learning.

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