30 Random Thoughts on Quitting Booze and Weed

If we accomplish things that are hard, we should give ourselves credit. And share it with others. Since quitting booze (for two years) and pot (four months), I often think about the positive effects its had on my life. Here are 30 of those thoughts…

It’s been over four months since I quit pot, after consuming it for almost two decades. I feel so much better.

Parts of my body that improved after quitting booze and pot: skin, scalp, hair, brain, finger nails, nasal passage, throat, stomach, and gut. I’m probably missing some. But basically I became a new person. Give it a try

I’m glad I don’t smoke pot or drink booze anymore. I would never have joined a jiu jitsu class. And if I did, there’s no way I would have lasted two months at it. Good decisions all around, give it a try.

When I drank booze and smoked pot everyday, I was always in a hurry. Hurried mind and hurried feet. Confusion and commotion. But not doing anything important. After quitting both bad habits, my mind and body are at a good pace. More deliberate and intentional.

One of the many benefits of quitting pot was that my ability to dream while asleep came back, with a vengeance. These past five months have been wild.

Almost all of my anxiety went away when I quit smoking pot. Don’t smoke pot.

Tracking my money just tells me I eat too much lol. Although for me it’s better then spending it on booze and pot.

Instead of smoking pot, try not smoking pot.

Those who say they smoke weed to “chill out” or say “It’s for my anxiety” are kidding themselves. Total BS. It increases anxiety ten-fold. Most people shouldn’t smoke pot.

Was spending many hundreds of dollars a month on booze and pot. What a waste. Nowadays, I actually have money saved in the bank for things that are good for me: gym, bjj, a night out with my future wife. Not feeding my substance abuse is a positive investment in my future. Try it

I thought I was always right. I thought everyone else was wrong. I never payed attention. I wasn’t present. After quitting pot, I’m more aware. More open. More accepting. Gain more by smoking less.

After quitting booze and pot, I’m barely ever anxious, don’t get stressed as much, and little things don’t bother me like they used to. Boozing hard doesn’t help our insecurities. Pot doesn’t help with our anxiety. Try quitting both for a month and see what happens.

Quit booze and pot. Join a BJJ gym. Buy some crypto. Try a side hustle. Find someone and get married. What did I miss?

All my immediate family members said how much I’ve changed after quitting booze and pot. No more paranoia, no more random anger spurts, and no more major stomach-condition spasms – to name a few. I’m lucky to have them in my life. Hope you have a similar support network as well.

Quitting booze and pot was the best thing I ever did for my health. All areas improved: sleep, energy, complexion, you name it. What I’m basically saying is that I’m beautiful and you can be too.

Instead of taking the prescribed anti-depressant medication, I flushed them down the toilet. Quit pot and got a BJJ membership instead. 10/10 would recommend.

My girlfriend told me that, since quitting pot, my mood has changed drastically for the better. When I was stoned all the time, I would either be really happy or really not happy. Now it has evened out and relatively “normal” (my words). Should have done this a decade ago.

After quitting booze, my libido took a hit. Got it back. After quitting pot, my libido took another hit. At 36yo, making drastic changes to my diet and health have had a bigger impact than I’d like to admit. Luckily, I bought some Korean Red Ginseng so fingers crossed 🤞

1. Quit smoking pot

2. Work on Active Listening Skills

3. Get an exercise routine

4. F**k no to Citalopram!

This is a good list.

Quitting booze and weed was the best thing I did to help improve my relationship with my gf and immediate family. I highly recommend it.

After quoting booze and weed, my soul feels calmer.

My mind is way more calmer after quitting alcohol and weed. My mind doesn’t race, it doesn’t run wild, and stays on the path. Now I can slow down and focus on the things that matter, instead of letting my addictions take control. Take back control and consider quitting.

Real friends don’t shame you for quitting alcohol or weed. Real friends congratulate you. I hope you have real friends when the time comes for you to quit your substance-abuse.

You don’t have anxiety. You just smoke too much weed.

Quitting booze is the new punk rock.

Two years sober from booze. It’s a good feeling.

Doing No-gi bjj practice with strangers on a Friday night is greater than > Doing shots of booze at a bar with strangers on a Friday night. You’ll feel sore the next day with both, but only one helps you improve.

The dread we feel and fear we fight, will all go away if you stop drinking booze alone at night.

I don’t mean to sound preachy about my quitting booze. It was such a positive lifestyle change for me, that I want to share that with others in the hopes they consider quitting too.

If I can quit booze and pot after consuming it for 15 years, you can too. If you have any questions about what my experience has been like (health, social, relationships, etc.) feel free to DM. Happy to help


(photo is from my most recent trip to Cuba. I ate too much. But didn’t drink booze 💪 – Last time I went there in 2011, for my friends wedding (I was the best-man) I almost missed the ceremony because I got so sick from drinking alcohol a few days prior, they almost took me to a hospital because I was so dehydrated. I recovered and made it. Lesson well learned.)


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