25 More Random Thoughts on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Where I live, as of writing this, the fitness gyms are closed and the BJJ gyms are closed. But I can’t stop thinking about jiu jitsu. Here are 25 + more random thoughts on Brazilian jiu jitsu. (read here for the first 25)

1. I put my gi pants on an hour before jiu jitsu training. Is this normal? I wonder if other white belts do this.

2. The techniques in jiu jitsu are endless. For example, you could smell really bad to distract your opponent, or you could smell really good to distract your opponent. So many possibilities

3. You will get submitted, choked, and bruised in jiu jitsu. Learn how to take a beating and you will get better. Focus on survival. One day the tides will turn in your favour. Apply this to life in general.

4. “Jiu jitsu shows men that they are not as strong as they thought, and it shows women that they are much stronger than they thought.” -Unknown

5. As a white belt in jiu jitsu, I need to learn to Survive before I learn to Attack. Defence before Offence. Fundamentals before Complexity. Basics before Sophistication. Showing Up before Showing Off.

6. A good book for jiu jitsu white belts is called, ‘Jiu Jitsu University’ by Saulo Ribeiro and Kevin Howell. “It is not important that others are watching while you are failing. It only matters that you try.”


7. Tonight in jiu jitsu, I learned that you can use your opponents gi to isolate a limb to try and pass their guard. For example, trapping their arm and shoulder while moving to half guard or full mount. This is fascinating to me, my white belt brain is blown.

8. Going to the long Saturday jiu jitsu class today. One hour technique practice followed by one hour rolling (five, five minute rolls with breaks in between). Open to all belt levels. My gf said, “please don’t get injured for Cuba next week. What’s that saying, tap a lot tap often”

9. Just got out of a jiu Jitsu class. It was 10 five minute rolling sessions. I rolled with men, women, white belts, blue belts, purple and brown belts. I got submitted by all of them, but I survived longer than I expected to. I learned a lot. Saturday’s are my new favourite class.

10. I have almost no idea how to attack or submit my opponent in jiu jitsu. I only attempt simple collar chokes. I’m focusing on learning defence first, survival. I get submitted a lot, but I last longer before I do. That’s progress.

11. I rarely watch jiu jitsu Youtube videos. I feel it’s not practical for a white belt like myself. I need experience in the fundamentals, not to try a cool looking choke I saw online.

12. Instead of watching endless videos on technique, I’m reading one of the most popular books on the martial art, Jiu Jitsu University. Practical info I can actually apply, slower pace so I can digest it, and first focuses on defence and survival. Great for white belts like me.

13. Reminder: you don’t HAVE to go to jiu jitsu class if you don’t want to. Also, you should probably go to jiu jitsu class.

14. If you don’t go to jiu jitsu class, at least go to the gym.

15. Tonight I came to the gym instead of jiu jitsu class. Better to do something rather than nothing. And believe me, I didn’t want to do either. Now I’ll definitely sleep well tonight.

16. Working out at the gym will make me better in jiu jitsu class. And vise versa.

17. I’m glad I don’t smoke pot or drink booze anymore. I would never have joined a jiu jitsu class. And if I did, there’s no way I would have lasted two months at it. Good decisions all around, give it a try.

18. There is a jiu jitsu tournament hosted in my city late next year. That’s a new fun goal for me. Might even go to one in T.O. before that and see how I do. 2022 is the year of Competition and Testing myself.

19. A goal of mine for 2022, is to enter at least one jiu jitsu tournament. No matter how well I do, the experience alone will be worth it.

20. Some fun afternoon reading on jiu jitsu. Survival is my goal, Defence is my mindset.


21. Jiu Jitsu Rolling > Jiu Jitsu Books > Jiu Jitsu Videos

22. Thinking of opening my own jiu jitsu school on a beach. We’d roll in sand and the belts would be ranked by sea shells.

23. If they close the jiu jitsu gyms, I’ll riot.

24. Update: Looks like I’ll be rioting.

25. Things I’ve done since the pandemic started…
-Moved in with gf
-Got engaged
-Picked up one new client
-Joined Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
-Visited Cuba
Don’t stop living.


26. Hopefully the jiu jitsu gym opens again soon. So I can go back to tweeting about jiu jitsu.

27. Why did I join a jiu jitsu gym and not a running club or pick-up basketball league? It’s not just because I have flat feet and too short. There’s another, deeper reason. I must ponder on this…

28. Why did I join a jiu jitsu gym? I’ve been thinking about this more often lately. I don’t like being choked or having my limbs broken. It’s not just the learning to defend myself. It’s all the other things I learn about myself, that I either didn’t know or forget. Even now at 36.

29. A great way to step out of your comfort zone is to step onto a jiu jitsu mat.

30. I said No to antidepressants and Yes to jiu jitsu. This is the way.

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  1. I like and can relate to so much of this, especially the rioting. 😉 #s 3 and 4 also struck me, but 13 made me Lol. I’m with you, fellow white belt!

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