25 Random Thoughts on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

I joined a jiu jitsu gym at the tender age of 36. Here are some random thoughts about my experience so far…

1. Actually got through this week of jiu jitsu without injury. This calls for a celebration.

2. My rolling partner in jiu jitsu last night smelled phenomenal. I think they used it as a way to lower my defences. I’ll have to be on-guard tonight, not falling for that again.

3. When I come home from jiu jitsu, my fiancé says I look like I’ve been tortured. She’s not wrong.

4. We are already living in the Metaverse, our Star Wars have already started, robots can now replicate themselves, and the aliens are coming. Prepare yourself, learn jiu jitsu.

5. If the aliens know jiu jitsu, I’ll be prepared. Will you?

6. Was leaving my apartment building for bjj class one night a few weeks ago, a man held the door open for me. He saw my gi pants and said, “Jiu jitsu?” I said yep and he said he used to to it for 5 years and had a great time. He said “right on” and gave me a thumbs up. Definitely motivated me for class.

7. Twitter needs a BJJ topic section to be able to follow.

8. Do people try and take me down each week? Yes. Do people try and break my arms each week? Yes. Do people try and choke me out each week? Yes. Challenge yourself each week, so the months and years are easier to handle. Try jiu jitsu.

9. The best way to learn jiu jitsu is to just go to a jiu jitsu class. There are no failures. Only lessons and many bruises.

10. If you’re a white belt in bjj like me, don’t get discouraged. Because I did recently. And it’s not the end of the world, so keep at it as long as you can.

11. Quit booze. Start jiu jitsu.

12. Putting my body through stress each week on the jiu jitsu mats, relieves my stress I get off the mats. If you feel like work or relationships are choking the life out of you, get choked in a gym by someone in a gi. Someone trying to take a piece of your breath, gives you a piece of mind.

13. Most people would rather have their job choke the life out if them, then ever change or improve. We’d rather have a stranger in a gi try and choke the life out us, while adapting and improvising. Improvement on the mats is improvement off the mats. Most people don’t do jiu jitsu.

14. Jiu Jitsu makes you do more: Punctuality, Showers, Nail trimming, Laundry, and Fist bumps. Basically it makes you friendlier and cleaner.

15. Taping my fingers tonight for jiu jitsu because their cut open from Tuesdays class. I feel so bad ass.

16. “The theme of the white belt is survival, nothing more and nothing less.”
—Jiu Jitsu University, Saulo Ribeiro and Kevin Howell

17. Jiu jitsu partner got me in a crucifix choke. No white belt should be trying that my goodness.

18, Jiu Jitsu makes you sleep better.

19. Jiu Jitsu makes you more flexible. Related: Jiu Jitsu makes you better at sex.

20. More and more people on here (Twitter) are trying out jiu jitsu. Much love this is great.

21. Went to jiu jitsu, came home made dinner, and did all the dishes. I feel like that retired Yakuza from The Way of the House Husband.

22. I wonder how many people I follow on here are low-key learning jiu jitsu, instead of broadcasting it on Twitter once a week like I do.

23. Looking forward to jiu jitsu next week. And the next. And the one after that. And…you get the idea.

24. Go to a free jiu jitsu class and see if it’s right for you.

25. If you’re new to jiu jitsu, hang in there and keep showing up. You will hurt on the outside and the inside. Keep at it and I’ll see you on the mats 🥋


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