Season 3 of the Three Body Podcast is OUT NOW

Brought back the podcast!

Here are 6 new episodes for you

Episode 1 – Probable Impossibilities by Alan Lightman

I was first introduced to the wonderful writing of physicist, Alan Lightman, about five years ago. I found his book during one of my many autodidact adventures into science.  In that book, Alan Lightman takes his expertise in science and the humanities, and weaves it together with a simple and pleasing writing style.  I was excited (yes I get excited about new books, and you should too) when I saw on’s digital library, that Alan Lightman had a new book come out earlier this year, February 9th 2021.  The book is titled, Probable Impossibilities: Musings on Beginnings and Ends

Episode 2 – Stop Reading the News by Rolf Dobelli and 23 Reasons Why the News Sucks

Ever since I stopped following major news outlets and reading the news everyday, I feel so much better. I’ve read the introduction and it was fun. The author, Rolf Dobelli, shares a story of how he was at a dinner party full of journalists, and told all of them that ‘the news is worthless and that their jobs are meaningless.’ It was a tough crowd. But funny. Perhaps by the end of this book, the author will have convinced me to stop reading the news completely. I’m excited to find out!

Episode 3 – Do You Believe in Aliens?

There has been a general ‘buzz’ permeating social media this past year. People stuck inside for a year has had us online way too much. We’re reading blog articles and watching videos that we don’t usually explore. Not only that, but the recent satellite and rocket launches that Elon Musk has been doing almost every week PLUS the Perseverance rover landing on the surface of Mars – has piqued people’s interest in aliens and UFOs (or the new popular term, UAP – unidentified aerial phenomena). I’m trying to wrap my head around all this. It can be confusing sometimes. Heck, there is even a riff and disagreement between the OGs and young-guns of the UFO-niche community. It’s fun for a newbie like me though.

Episode 4 – Sober Letters to My Drunken Self by Ed Latimore

I drank from sixteen years old to thirty-four years old. For the first time ever, this past January, I passed one year of no booze. For the first few months of not drinking, it was quite tough. But Ed’s book was there, on my phone in my pocket, ready when I needed some sober words to clarify my sober thoughts.

“The thing that drove you to drink can also drive you to greatness.” -Ed Latimore

Episode 5 – A Tale of Two Tutors

Picking a tutor can be tough. You want the best support you can find for you or your loved ones. A good tutor takes care of themselves outside of tutoring. A good tutor prepares for sessions. And a good tutor pays attention to a learner in order to provide support and help when needed. But what does it mean to be a ‘Good Tutor’? Here are 2 simple examples for you, of a Good Tutor vs a Bad Tutor, and how you can develop the skills to become one or recognize the type of person you want tutoring you! ->Get book here<-

* Episode 6 – Reading New UFO Report from US DoD and Navy

Yesterday, UFO nerds and geeks everywhere, converged on the internet to be the first citizens to read the highly anticipated UFO report from the US Department of Defence and Navy. I was one of them. I read all 9 pages of the report, listen here! If you’ve read the report, feel free to let me know what you thought about it!

– UFOs are real
– 144 reports were analyzed from 2004-2021
– Most reports came from 2019
– All reports came from USG military personnel
– 143/144 ufo reports still remain unknown
– “The limited amount of high-quality reporting on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) hampers our ability to draw firm conclusions about the nature or intent of UAP”
– “In a limited number of incidents, UAP reportedly appeared to exhibit unusual flight characteristics”
– “UAP clearly pose a safety of flight issue and may pose a challenge to U.S. national security”

* this is a long one, 28mins


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