5 Ways to Cultivate a Positive Tutor Mindset

Before you can inspire others, you have to inspire yourself!

Here are 5 Ways to Cultivate A Positive Tutor Mindset

1. Establish Positive Routines

2. Develop Healthy Habits

3. Hone Your Homeostasis

4. Create an Inspiring Life

5. Don’t Get Lost in the Details


1. Establish positive routines

Our brains have a finite capacity to hold a lot of info at any given time. Help offload some computing power, by creating established routines.

-Show up to tutor session at the same time (early)

-Prep the night before

-Maintain appropriate communication with the Beginner, it shows you care about their learning


Routines also help establish a safe and reliable teaching environment. Beginners can count on you to be rock-solid when they are struggling.

2. Develop Healthy Habits

Creating a positive support network for others, starts with supporting yourself.

By all means, continue to enjoy substances in moderation. You know yourself better than I do.


But if you’re struggling with substance abuse, now is the time to recognize this, start making the effort to cut back, or consider quitting.

Beginners want people they can count on to be there when they need help.

3. Hone Your Homeostasis

There are few things more trustworthy than a consistent, positive support network.

You can focus more on providing support and delivering the lesson, if you have the other areas of your life in relative balance.



Regularly “check-in” to your life, and see how things are going. I use the acronym – F.O.R.D.

Family. Occupation. Recreation. Dreams. (I did not invent this acronym*)


How is my family doing? Are my girlfriend and I good? Have I called my parents recently? Maybe I should patch things up with my siblings?

The energy from a happy and positive home, can permeate through all other aspects of your life.


How am I doing at my job? Do I need to reach out for help? Is there a senior-coworker that could be my mentor?

There are always opportunities for growth, learn how to tune your awareness to them.


What do I do for fun? Are these healthy activities? Are these hobbies a positive influence?

Enthusiasm and excitement for learning are contagious. The fun you have outside the tutoring, will seep into your instruction, and the Beginners will feel inspired to learn.


Where will I be 5 years from now? Are my dreams realistic, Do they need to be?

Tutoring's a life long skill. It can be part-time, or a full-time career.

Either way, having aspirations towards something bigger – in addition to tutoring – will make you a better tutor

4. Create an inspiring life

This ties into Developing Healthy Habits and the Recreation section of the F.O.R.D. acronym, I mentioned earlier.

Enthusiasm and excitement are contagious. Do fun things and people will want to be around you.


Become the tutor that Beginners look forward to seeing because of the awesome stories you always have to share.

Your enthusiasm will ignite a Beginners excitement to learn from you.

5. Don’t Get Lost in the Details

Take your job seriously, but don’t take it too seriously. Don’t get lost in the content, stay focused on the big picture, which is: teaching a Beginner life-long learning skills

Also, check your ego at the door.


Yes, you’re a tutor that can be an inspiration and a positive light in an otherwise unmotivated and negative world.

But don’t think for a second that you’re the only person that can help a Beginner.

You’re a node in a network of support. Know your role, stay within it.

These are only a sample of the many ways you can develop a strong, positive tutor mindset.

Can you think of any other ways? Lets me now in the comments below!


1. Establish positive routines

2. Develop healthy habits

3. Hone your homeostasis

4 Create an inspiring life

5 Don’t get lost in the details

Beginners don’t want to learn from someone who doesn’t want to teach. Become a person that Beginners want to learn from!

Originally tweeted by D (@Down_Culture) on May 18, 2021.

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