What to Expect When Getting Your COVID Vaccine in Canada

School gymnasiums are quite versatile. We use them for sports, assemblies, shows, emergency shelters, voting, and now – like my town – pandemic vaccination centres.

Maybe your town is using gyms as well.

A quality pair of boots and a good fitted pair of jeans, is always a good choice.

Upon entering the gym, you sit with a volunteer (or nurses, can’t tell, they all wear masks and have similar clothing on). They ask you questions about any symptoms you potentially have and they take other required info (consent form, eligibility for being there, etc.).

Once that is complete, you get your ‘Blue Dot of Approval.’ Then follow the green arrows to the gym and don’t wander!

Sit on a chair that’s set up six feet apart from other people (there are roughly ~200 people in the gym). If you are a support worker or you need a support worker with you, then that is allowed at the vaccination center. Check the accessibilty to the building and what types of support are alllowed (I’m sure they’d be cool with any assistive devices people may need), before registering with the vaccination center in your town.

I walked around with this on my hand for a bit after. I felt important.

Wait until your number is called (a person will hold up a piece of paper with your seat number on it). People in green shirts will tell you when it’s your turn to get poked. When your number is called, walk over to the designated little kiosk setup they have.

A nurse will ask a bunch of questions. I said “No” to all of them. Get poked with the Pfizer vaccine by the nurse. She puts a sticker on your shirt, with the time ’15mins from when you got your shot.’

Look at my beautiful lockdown-beard

After getting poked, go walk over to the other side of the gym. Wait in another chair set up six feet apart from other people. A nurse will give you a sheet with info about side effects. Monitor any side effects you may experience after getting the shot. And wait 15mins.

While waiting, I recommend people-watching or ease-dropping. You may hear some funny or interesting things. Try and stay off your phone (unless you’re writing a blog post like me 😉

I don’t have any major health issues or allergies, so the whole vaccine process went smoothly for me. And from what I heard from a family member, they had a similar experience with the vaccine process in their town as well.

Exit stage right ->

I was eligible for the vaccine because I help support people that are considered to be in the ‘vulnerable sector’ of my community.

I’ve been in the support sector since 2014. I went to college in 2016. When applying for my co-op placement during school, I had to be screened for vaccinations, such as TB, Polio, and Hepatitis.

I knew I had received those vaccines when I was much younger, but due to a discrepancy in my medical records (the physical copies were old and some were missing – apparently this is common) I ended up getting, what is called, a ‘booster shot’ that had a cocktail of all three vaccines.

The reason I’m sharing that with you is because I have had vaccines before. And in my personal experience, there hasn’t been any issues.

Do I know anything about vaccines? No not really. Something to do with either, giving your body an inactive copy of a virus so your body can fight it, or, giving your body info on how to change your DNA to fight it? See, that even sounds wrong. But I got the shot anyway. I bet most people have similar feelings about this (if you don’t, let me know in the comment below!).

The global pandemic has been a masterclass in Individual Freedom and Bodily Autonomy VS Security for Community and Vulnerable people.

I’m not telling you to get the vaccine or to not get the vaccine. For my wonderful readers, that is a decision to make for yourself and/or your family.

But, I would love to hear from you what your thoughts are about – the vaccines themselves, peoples reactions to the rollout and access to the vaccines, and the administration process of the vaccine – in your town.

Are you getting a vaccine?

Vote in the Twitter Poll above, or, as always – let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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