The Best Way To Practice Your Adobe Illustrator Design PART 2

In part 1 of this series, I said one of the best ways to practice your Adobe Illustrator design is to create designs for other people FOR FREE.

While I still think that’s a good idea, I didn’t stick to that strategy. Instead, I found that tracing over other people’s work as a starting point to creating original pieces – is a good way to practice design skills (for beginners like me).

Free stock photo sites like or offer great options to work with. Worried about copyright issues? That’s okay because…

“All photos and videos on Pexels are free to use. Attribution is not required. Giving credit to the photographer or Pexels is not necessary but always appreciated. You can modify the photos and videos from Pexels. Be creative and edit them as you like”

Here are the steps I follow to practice my Adobe Illustrator design (and you can too!):

  1. Go to a free photo site like or
  2. Find an image
  3. Copy/Paste the image into Adobe Illustrator
  4. Start designing!

Having a rough idea about what you want to design is also good to have before starting these steps.

Not sure what to design? Need some inspiration?

Here are the steps I take for inspiration to create designs:

  1. Look at objects in your home and out in your community
  2. Are there any that look cool to you? If so, take a photo of it with your mobile device
  3. Send photo from mobile device to desktop computer
  4. Add image to Adobe Illustrator
  5. Select the image, Open the ‘Properties’ menu, Select ‘Image Trace’ then Select ‘Black and White Logo’ (or any of the other options, choose the one you like)

    *(Step 5 is for turning your photo, that you took of the object with your mobile device, into a vector image – so it can be scaled to any size without losing resolution and quality*

When it comes to design, this is how I’ve been practicing for the last few weeks. I figure if I can work away on one design a day, for at least 30mins, there’s no way I can’t get better at this.

Here are some pictures I’ve made during the last few weeks of practice:

I need a good dose of design basics and fundamentals. But like I said, with more practice (and watching more LinkedIn Learning tutorials) I’ll get better (and you will too!)

Remember, here are the steps to follow to practice your Adobe Illustrator design (for beginners like me):

  1. Go to a free photo site like or
  2. Find an image that sparks interest (or already have a rough idea of want to create)
  3. Copy/Past the image into Adobe Illustrator
  4. Start designing!

Follow these steps, have fun out there in the digital-design-world, and I’ll see your masterpieces in no time!

(P.S. – I’ve been live streaming on Twitter this past week, of me practicing my Adobe Illustrator designs. Be sure to check out my Twitter timeline, drop in, and learn some beginner design tips and tricks!)

Watch weekly videos and audio, cancel anytime!

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