How to Record an Audiobook (for Beginners)

How did I make a 5 star rated how-to ebook? I just started.

How did I create a simple t-shirt biz? I just started.

How did I record an audiobook? You know where this is going.

I just started.

I wanted to offer something free to my readers, with the purchase of my tutoring guide. And an audiobook version of my tutoring guide seemed like the obvious choice.

I used to have a podcast called, “Three Body Podcast” (I may bring it back) so I was familiar with recording my voice using a Samsung Meteor Mic.

But this time, I wanted to get the best sounding recording I could create. How can I do that at home, with no professional equipment or a sound-proof studio?


How to Record an Audiobook for Beginners (like me)

1. Clear out a closet

2. Put a chair in the closet

3. Set up laptop and mic on a stool in front of the chair in the closet

4. Open QuickTime audio recording (or another audio recording software) on your computer

5. Have your book open on your computer as well

6. Record audiobook one paragraph at a time

7. Have fun!

You will make mistakes. You will have to re-record a sentence or paragraph again and again. But you’ll be happy with the finished product.

I live in an apartment so I had to deal with many different sounds while recording. Be patient. This is for fun, remember? For example, I went to record the first word, and I got hiccups. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but putting some effort in the recording will go a long way.

Learn how to put an idea into an ebook here. Then record your audiobook version using the steps above (or similar steps, play around with it).

Now you know that you can make a decent audiobook recording right at home! I’m excited to see what you make, I’ll be listening to your audiobook masterpieces in no-time!

You can listen to the introduction to The Tutor Template by clicking the link here to my YouTube channel or watch and listen to it right here below.

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