The Best Way To Practice Your Adobe Illustrator Design

As you know, this year has been the Year of the SideHustle™. I wrote a How-To book. Started a t-shirt business.

I’ve been messing around in Adobe Illustrator, to practice my design skills. At one point I ran out of ideas or got stuck trying to design one. Then I had an great idea…

The best way to practice your Adobe Illustrator design is to create ones for other people FOR FREE. No charge. No cost. Make it for them no questions asked. As a matter of fact, don’t ask them – just do it.

Jason doesn’t know I made this. But it’s a fun free surprise that I can use to share his content while at the same time practice my design skills.

Through practice, by recreating other people’s work, you can find your own style. For example, did you know famous writer, Hunter S. Thompson, copied the Great Gatsby word for word?

I decided to make a logo design for Jason Helms from I did his free 5 day exercise course before, it helps jump start your fitness to get you ready for summertime!

As you can see, I practiced with manipulating simple shapes. I found some cartoon eyes that I recreated. And some arms and mouths that I borrowed directly.

This is a fun project for me. The more I practice the better I’ll get and the more money I’ll make from my new t-shirt business.

Subscribe to the website and keep following along to see how I progress with design, and to learn how to set up and work on a simple side business!

UPDATE: Jason liked it

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