Print On Demand Pillows

I’ve been having fun with this new t-shirt business. Teespring makes it easy for newbies like myself to start a t-shirt business.

This evening I was messing around my listing website (the site where people see your items for sale) and noticed that Teespring offers other items to print on other than shirts: phone cases, beach towels, and even pillows!

Teespring is a “print on demand” service. You make logos and they do all the hard work: they print and ship the items you put your logo and designs on. The price of their service is included in the sale-price of your items.

Click here to get pillow

“This is a state of MINIMAL activity. Lower your heart-rate and get comfy!”

I’m having fun with this. I watched a bunch of tutorials on Adobe Illustrator. It’s a bit challenging, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

Watch me play around in Adobe Illustrator here on Periscope or below on Twitter.

Click here to get the pillow

Have you used Adobe Illustrator? Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to design concepts?

Let us know or share your experience with logo design in the comments below!

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