Stop Reading the News by Rolf Dobelli and 23 Reasons Why the News Sucks

Ever since I stopped following major news outlets and reading the news everyday, I feel so much better. What is "the news"? To me, at its core, most of the news is basically information shared about local or world events. That would be great if that's all the news was. But most of the airtime... Continue Reading →

Periscope Live Stream is Discontinuing

UPDATE, THURSDAY APRIL 1st, 2021:A DownCulture EXCLUSIVE!Head of Customer Success & Operations at Streamyard Reaches out to DownCulture, "you can still stream and view streams on periscope for a bit" Our crack team of researchers here at DownCulture immediately investigated. You can, in fact, still stream to Periscope...(streamed 2 hours ago) We will... Continue Reading →

New Design: Pure Maple

This shirt is Delicious. Versatile. And contains Essential vitamins and minerals. This 100% Natural Energy Source is great for the outdoors pathfinder like yourself! Click here and get ready for summertime! Click here for classic tee Click here for hoodie Click here for tank top This design was inspired by a recent trip to a... Continue Reading →

Dean Abbot Interview with Russel Brand

Dean Abbot is a coach and author. And is all about having a Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Relationships, and Living Peacefully. Dean has a book and newsletter. I first was introduced to Dean's content via Twitter. His posts are a refreshing wave of calmness and perspective, in a swamp of trolls and politics. Recently, Dean reached... Continue Reading →

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