Gad Saad Has A New Book and a New Blog

Gad Saad has a new blog over at

“Welcome to the inaugural blog post on my new website. First, a heartfelt thank you to my wife who is responsible for the design, building, and maintenance of this site. The hope is to use this blog space to share some of my thoughts that might otherwise not be as amenable to posting on social media (e.g., requiring a longer analysis than is typically allowed say on Twitter). While I do have a Psychology Today blog, some of the issues that I might wish to tackle here might not be appropriate for a Psychology forum. There are other interesting ways in which I might use this space. For example, let us suppose that I post a lecture on my YouTube channel. I might decide to post some of the materials of the lecture in this blog space. In other words, there are many opportunities that are afforded by owning one’s own blog space. If you have additional ideas as to how I might productively use this space, please share your thoughts here. Thanks again for stopping by the website. Spread the word and always remember to use your voice in the battle of ideas.”

Gad Saad

He also has a new book out called, The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense

As a Canadian myself, I’m happy to support a fellow Canuck!

You can grab a copy of his new book here

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