T-Shirts for Sale

I'm getting into the T-Shirt game because 2021 is the Year of the Side Biz. Click here to check out the t-shirts! IDW Red/Orange Grandpa Culture Click here to check them out! I find images on the web, edit them in Photoshop, then add them to a t-shirt. The first t-shirt is actually a copy... Continue Reading →

New Twitter Subscriptions and Paywalls

UPDATE: Check out the #RIPTwitter If you want to see peoples reaction on Twitter is to the new subscription service! "Tech CEO says Twitter needs to go ‘all in’ on subscriptions"Weston Blasi, Feb 23, 2021, MarketWatch Twitter, as we know it, is gone. What was once unfiltered access to anyones mind (timeline) anywhere, anytime -... Continue Reading →

The Audio App Wars

UPDATE May 3rd: If you have more than 600 follower on here, you now have access to Spaces https://twitter.com/TwitterSpaces/status/1389270063807598594 UPDATE March 11th: Twitter Spaces is coming soon (I hope).... https://twitter.com/Twitter/status/1370026897808179200?s=20 Bruh, are you even on Clubhouse? "Clubhouse is an iPhone app that allows people to host and join audio conversations with other users. Clubhouse is currently invite-only"https://www.businessinsider.com/what-is-clubhouse-app and Part talkback... Continue Reading →

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