The Self-Publishing Chronicles: Part One – Welcome to the Jungle (Amazon Book Support)

I wrote the book on a whim, for fun. Now, some sales are slowly trickling in.

The reality of having a book for sale on Amazon is sinking in as well. That means I want to provide the best book I can. That means more updates to the book.

The updates turned into 2 new sections and a re-vamped last chapter. Sweet. But how do the customers get the updates to my book? Well it turns out that people who’ve bought my book can download any new updates via their Amazon Kindle, or from their Content Management section in their Amazon account.

But my book was not updating. Interesting.

I then used Twitter for what it was originally intended for, to vent my frustration:

And wouldn’t you know it, the official AmazonHelp account reached out to me:

A real person monitoring keywords (such as ‘Amazon’) on Twitter? I doubt it.

Wow, they actually remembered me from our brief back-and-forth from yesterday!

As expected, they couldn’t support me through Twitter:

From Twitter to Email

I reached out to Amazon Support. I filled in a question-form on their website:

“Description of issue or inquiry: I have re-uploaded my new manuscript to KindleDirectPublishing, but the new updates to the book have not shown up in Kindle for myself or customers. And there is no option to download updates from “Manage Your Content and Devices” for the book. It has been longer than 72hours since uploading the new manuscript. The book is “LIVE”. I also noticed that KindleCreate itself may not be saving the .kpf file correctly in the first place (after hitting “Publish”). And as a result, I may be uploading the wrong version to KDP. However, KindlePreviewer3 shows my most recent updates to the .kpf file, but again, no updates shown in the Kindle after re-uploading the new manuscript. Any suggestions?”

KDP Customer Support emailed me back in less than 24hrs.

Greetings from KDP, I hope this email finds you well.
I received your request to send updated content to customers who bought your book. Since book updates can make customers lose their highlights, bookmarks, and notes, we only send updates to fix serious issues like unreadable text or cut-off images. If your updates will fix serious issues like these,please send us details and specific examples, including location numbers. Once we confirm changes made we can get this new version to your customers and your own device. For more details on sending updated content to customers, please see our Help page: Thanks for using Amazon KDP, Your feedback helps us improve our service. Please take a minute to rate your experience with us today by clicking the survey link below! Shawn, Kindle Direct Publishing,

Thanks, Shawn.

School’s Back

The emails are flying in. I started back to tutor work today. Classes start on Monday. New students to support, new professors to meet, and new course work to modify.

Before the semester starts and it becomes, “Go Go Go!” for four months, I’ll reach out to Shawn (we go way back) and figure out how to get my new updates into the book and to the customers.

This is a heck of ride! But glad I can share my adventure with you.

Grab a copy of THE TUTOR TEMPLATE here!

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