How to Turn Your Skill Into an Ebook

The Tutor Template is LIVE and ready to read! Click here to get your copy

The release of the book was a bit rocky but fun overall. Some spelling mistakes and missed sections, but my worry about formatting was overshadowed by my urge to get the book out to you guys. I’m happy with the final product.

For those of you who pre-ordered copies of the book, the updates and changes I made should show up in your Kindle within the next few days (at least that’s what Amazon says).

I have a book out, now it’s time to promote it. Not sure how to do that. I want to get the word out but not be a sleazy salesman about it. I need to learn now to shill responsibly.

Perhaps I should mention that The Tutor Template is…

#19 in Open & Distance Learning
#23 in Homeschooling (Kindle Store)
#400 in Schools & Teaching (Kindle Store)*

*Must get to #1

I predict 2021 to be the Year of the Side Gig. Self-publishing this book has got the wheels turning in my head, about what other skills I’m great at that I could put in ebook form.

Maybe you have skills you could put in a book. Writing is the easy part. Making it look nice is the challenge.

How to Turn Your Skill Into an Ebook:
-Describe your skills, write them down
-How does your skill help people? (find a problem that your skill fixes)
-What it is – What it does – What it means (I heard this somewhere and it helps framing ideas)
-What is your product or service, what does it do, and what value does it bring

Now, I challenge YOU to take one of your skills and think about how you can put them into a book.

Grab a copy of The Tutor Template here.

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