How to Write an Ebook Introduction

I’m redoing the introduction for my new book. I tried to be clever and funny with my intro, but it’s not punchy or persuasive at all.

I have to introduce the ‘problem’ that my book solves. I have to be more specific.

After re-reading a section from Adam Lane Smith’s book, Write Like a Beast – I decided to rewrite my introduction to my book, The Tutor Template.

A quote from Adam’s book,

“How do you structure a non-fiction book? […] Start with your opening chapter explaining what your problem is and who you are and why they should listen to you. […] Move straight into why the problem exists and what you’re going to tell them. Then you jump into the body of the work […] detailing various steps in the solution process. […] You might need to explain how the problem comes to exist in the fist place if that’s crucial to the solution.”

Adam Lane Smith

Straightforward advice, that’s how I like it. That’s how I should write my book as well. And it’s also how Mark Allan Bovair wrote part of his book too, The Frugability Finance ‘Rona Survival Guide.

Here is a quote from Mark’s ebook, that identifies the problem that his book will fix and what the book is about,

While much of what I will present her is good financial advice under any circumstances, this is especially important as we navigate the economic impact of The Rona. This is a step by step, instruction manual type of guide. No theories or biases. Simply a checklist of times to compete during this crisis (and after).

Mark Allan Bovair

I’m glad that I have those two resources above to help me write this book. I have a better idea of how to introduce my subject matter. Instead of focusing on tutoring and teaching in general, I will focus on how the impact of the pandemic has effected independent learning at home (or something like that).

If you’re writing a book and don’t know where to start, make sure to grab a copy of Adam’s book Write Like a Beast. And if you want solid and simple financial guides, get Mark’s The Frugability Finance ‘Rona Survival Guide.

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